How to Install KDE Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

install kde on ubuntu 20.04

KDE is one of the oldest and largest Linux community which produce applications that are stable and visually attractive. The community develops free open source desktop and mobile application. One of the popular Linux desktop environment by the community is KDE plasma. KDE is the default desktop environment in Kubuntu.

KDE plasma is a free and open-source desktop environment developed by KDE. It is a lightweight, responsive, fast, smooth environment that delivers great performance. Its graphical interface uses QML and based on QT.

KDE plasma has a great look and feel, fresh and eye-catching icons, animations, customizable, and many pleasing features.

It's safe to install as many desktop environments which help to experience different desktop. Gnome is the default desktop environment on Ubuntu. If you wish to switch to KDE from Gnome (Ubuntu default desktop), this guide helps.

Here we show how to install KDE plasma 5.18 in Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop environment.


  • Ubuntu installed with any desktop environment

Install KDE on Ubuntu

KDE comes up with the following major packages. You can install one of them, depending upon your requirement.


kde-plasma-desktop install a few KDE programs like Dolphin, Konqueror, kde-baseapps,konsole, kwrite, and kde-passwd. This is also the minimal kde plasma desktop. To install it use,

sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop -y


Kde-standard installs a bunch of stuff on top of kde-desktop: Akregator, Ark, Dragonplayer, gnupg, Kaddressbook, Kate, KDE wallpapers, Kmail, etc. To install kde-standard use,

sudo apt install kde-standard -y


Kde-full install everything the KDE package has. Its installation size is greater than the previous one.  To install kde-full version use,

sudo apt install kde-full -y

Now, reboot your system and choose 'Plasma' during the login process.

Choose Plasma
Choose Plasma

Now your KDE desktop is ready. You can enjoy a smooth environment.

To see the installed version click on the Launch menu and search System Information and click on it.

KDE version in Ubuntu 20.04
check KDE version in Ubuntu 20.04

How to remove KDE from ubuntu?

If you want to remove any KDE from ubuntu, first log out of it and log in to the previous/default desktop environment.

If your installation is kde-plasma-desktop use,

sudo apt purge kde-plasma-desktop -y

If your installation is kde-standard then use,

sudo apt purge kde-standard -y

And if your installation is kde-full then you must use,

sudo apt purge kde-full -y


The installation of KDE plasma in Ubuntu is accomplished in a few simple steps. Please share your experience with us. Thank you for reading the article

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