How Install Plex Media Server on Fedora

install plex media server on fedora

Plex media server is a self-hosted media player system to store your movies, shows, music and photos. The client app is used to play those media from the server.

Plex media server requirements recommend at least Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and a minimum of 2GB of RAM for better performance.

This tutorial shows simple steps to install Plex media server on Fedora 32 system.

Installation of Plex on Fedora

1. First update all package and their dependencies, type:

$ sudo dnf upgrade 

2. Add Plex repository

Plex repository is not included in the default installation of fedora. So add it's corresponding repo using tee command:

$ sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/plex.repo<<EOF

3. Now Install plex using dnf command

$ sudo dnf install plexmediaserver -y

4. Start, enable and check the service

$ sudo systemctl start plexmediaserver
$ sudo systemctl enable plexmediaserver
$ systemctl status plexmediaserver

5. Web access

Plex executes on port 32400. Open your favorite browser and type your server IP address with port 32400.

Plex home page
Plex home page

The three options are available to sign up with - google, facebook, and apple. To start sharing your own stream do sign up.

Create New account - Sing up
Create New account

Now you can log in and add your own media.

Login with my account
Login your account

How to install plex using snap on Fedora

Optionally you can simply install from the snap store.

First install snap, if its not installed on your Fedora:

$ sudo dnf install snapd 

To start snap service at boot:

$ sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

Set symlink for snap to point /var/lib/snapd/snap:

$ sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

Now install plex using snap, type:

$ sudo snap install plexmediaserver


To uninstall plex from fedora use,

$ sudo dnf remove plexmediaserver -y


With the plex, you can enjoy hosting and sharing your own movie, live sessions, shows, and music. If you install plex on fedora do not forget to write in below comment section.

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