How to Install Streamlink Twitch Gui on Arch Linux

Streamlink Twitch Gui Arch Linux

Streamlink enables you to watch videos from various online video streams in popular video players like mpv, MPlayer, and VLC. Streamlink is a command-line tool written in Python, it was forked from Livestreamer but "Streamlink Twitch GUI' is a graphical version of it.

Streamlink provides support for various streaming services through plugins, which you can easily add as needed. A lot of popular video streaming services are supported out of the box, this includes but not limited to Livestream, UStream, Dailymotion, Twitch, YouTube Live and many more.

Installing Streamlink on Arch Linux

You can install Streamlink on Arch Linux from the official repository or from AUR. You can install streamlink package from pacman or streamlink-git from AUR.

sudo pacman install streamlink

To install the development version, use yaourt, pacaur or yay:

$ yay -S streamlink-git
$ yaourt -S streamlink-git
$ pacaur -S streamlink-git

You can also install streamlink using pip or from source

Installation via Python pip

sudo pip install streamlink

Manual installation via Python

git clone
cd streamlink
sudo python install

Once  the package has been installed, proceed to Streamlink usage

How to use Streamlink

The installation of the streamlink package provides a streamlink command-line utility, which is quite easy to use:

$ streamlink -p <player> <url> stream


<player> with the name of your media player, e.g mpv, vlc. You can also specify a full path of media player binary if needed: /usr/bin/vlc. VLC is the default player is specified media player is not found on the system.
<url> with the actual URL address of a streaming media. You can omit protocol (http://) for HTTP URLs.
<stream> with the stream to play by given URL. Primarily, you can select the video quality with this option. Use best for the highest quality and worst for lowest quality available.

Below is an example of playing a media file from dailymotion:

$ streamlink -p mpv best

This will play best video quality with mpv media player.

Sample output:

[cli][info] Found matching plugin dailymotion for URL
[cli][info] Available streams: 80p_alt (worst), 80p, 136p_alt, 136p, 144p, 216p_alt, 216p, 240p, 360p_alt, 360p, 380p, 480p, 544p_alt, 544p, 720p (best)
[cli][info] Opening stream: 720p (http)
[cli][info] Starting player: mpv

When you close a player, you'll get exit message on the terminal:

[cli][info] Player closed
[cli][info] Stream ended
[cli][info] Closing currently open stream...

For Twitch tv, below are the available qualities:

  • source
  • high
  • medium
  • low
  • mobile.

Example Twitch usage:

$ streamlink -p player medium

Authenticating With OAuth for

Streamlink supports OAuth authentication.

$ streamlink --twitch-oauth-authenticate

This command will open a web browser with further instructions on authenticating with twitch.

Install Streamlink Twitch gui

If you prefer a GUI interface for streamlink, there is a project which provides that.  Streamlink twitch gui a graphical user interface on top of the Streamlink command line interface. It is a web application written in JavaScript (EmberJS), HTML (Handlebars) and CSS (LessCSS)  and its backend is Node.js.

Its features are:

  • Support for both Streamlink and Livestreamer
  • You can browse streams by popularity, game, community or team
  • Watch streams in the video player of your choice
  • Watch multiple streams at once
  • You get Individual channel settings
  • Integrated default and dark themes
  • and much more

Install streamlink-twitch-gui on Arch Linux by running the following commands on your terminal.

git clone ''
cd streamlink-twitch-gui
makepkg --install --syncdeps --cleanbuild

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That's all. Now enjoy streaming media with Streamlink on your Arch Linux system.

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