Kitty - A Powerful GPU Based Terminal Emulator

kitty terminal emulator Written in Python and Objective C, Kitty is a cross-platform and feature-rich GPU based terminal emulator developed under the GPL 3.0 license. It supports graphics, images, Unicode, true-color, mouse protocol, hyperlinks, multiple copy/paste buffers, etc. It's a lightweight emulator that can be controlled from scripts, shell prompt, and over SSH. Like tilix and terminology, kitty is a feature-rich terminal emulator. This guide shows how to install Kitty on Ubuntu 20.04 and see the basic usage of it.

Installation of Kitty

You can install the kitty form source as well as form the official repository of Ubuntu. You may follow any of the methods to install.

Method 1: From Ubuntu repository

First, open a terminal and update your system.
$ sudo apt update
Use apt to install kitty,
$ sudo apt install kitty -y
Just type 'kitty' to open it.
$ kitty

Method 2: From prebuilt binaries

If you are on a Mac or Linux, simply install Kitty's prebuilt binaries. Use the following curl command:
$ curl -L | sh /dev/stdin
This installs the binary in  ~/.local/ directory. You can just launch it by typing,
$ ~/.local/
You can start kitty by searching in apps.
Launch kitty from Search
Search Kitty

Method 3: Install Kitty from source

Another handy way that you can install Kitty is to compile it from the source. However, some dependencies are required, and before you proceed, ensure that you have the following:

  • python 3.5 and later versions
  • harfbuzz 1.5.0 and later versions
  • zlib
  • libpng
  • liblcms2
  • gcc

The source code is hosted on Github, so clone the Git repository as shown:

$ git clone

This takes about 5 minutes and some patience will do. Once downloaded, navigate to the cloned directory and execute the commands below.

$ cd kitty

Then invoke.

$ make

Once installed, you can launch it by invoking the command:


How to Use Kitty

Kitty can run multiple programs in multiple windows. You can do it by pressing  ctrl+shift+enter keys.
Multiple window in Kitty
Multiple window in Kitty
To make the program advanced, kitty has a framework known as kittens.  You can display images by the use of it. For example,
$ kitty +kitten icat image.jpeg

Opening image in Kitty
Open image in Kitty
Some useful shortcut keys
Scroll page up ctrl+shift+page_up
Scroll page down ctrl+shift+page_down
New tab  ctrl+shift+t
New window    ctrl+shift+enter
New OS window ctrl+shift+n
You can refer more from the kitty official page.


In this tutorial, we learned how to install Kitty on Linux and its basic usage as a terminal emulator. Please try and let us know your experience with Kitty terminal.

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