Meet Our LinOxide Team

Hope you wondering who all are behind Linoxide. Meet our strong team who are passionate about using Linux and opensource tools.

Here it is the hardworking Linoxide Team behind the scene who makes Linoxide awesome!!



About Bobbin Zachariah

Founder and chief editor

Founder of LinOxide, passionate lover of Linux and technology writer. Started his career in FOSS technologies from 2000. Mastered his computer science degree from an Indian University. Love to learn new things and work on new technologies. Started a career as a teacher in High school teaching C programming and then moved to a web hosting company there started with Freebsd, then Centos/Redhat & Unix. Gained experience working with HP and Dell in their storage systems and have a solid understanding of Redhat Linux.

Now on cloud platform & DevOps and working as the editor-in-chief at Linoxide. Love traveling, blogging, listening to music and weekend love playing cricket.

About Slavisa Milojkovic

Senior Writer

Slaviša is an experienced Linux administrator, DevOps, full-stack developer, over 20 years in IT business. He was PCLinuxOS Gnome distribution developer and maintainer for several years and an active opensource supporter. He has been working sysadmin for web hosting companies as a freelancer. He holds an Electrical engineering degree from R&B College.

About James Arthur

Senior Writer

James is a passionate Linux and Windows Systems Administrator with 4 years of experience in Linux, databases and Front-End development. He loves doing research on different Linux distributions and experimenting with installation and configuration of different services and features. His hobbies include swimming, reading novels and playing video games.

About Winnie Ondara

Senior Writer

Winnie is a passionate Linux administrator and an open-source enthusiast. I enjoy keeping myself up to date with the latest in the Linux world and trying out the latest tools, features, and services in the FOSS community. She is working as Linux System Administrator for 2 years, setting up and monitoring Linux servers running on Ubuntu and CentOS. She is also an accomplished freelance tech-article writer.

About Saheetha Shameer


Saheetha is working as a Senior System Administrator. She can learn quickly and have a slight inclination towards following the current and emerging trends in the industry.

Her hobbies include hearing music, playing strategy computer games, reading and gardening. She also has a high passion for experimenting with various culinary delights.

About Alain F. MAKONTSO


IT System Administrator passionate about Open Source and Linux particularly on DevOps, Cloud Computing, Scripting, Automation and New Technologies. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others who share these same interests or with a wider audience through training, conferences and workshops.