Meet Our LinOxide Team

Hope you wondering who all are behind Linoxide. Meet our strong team who are passionate about using Linux and opensource tools.

The awesome @linoxide Team that helped make Linoxide awesome!!



About Bobbin Zachariah

Founder of LinOxide, passionate lover of Linux and technology writer. Started his career in FOSS technologies from 2000. Mastered his computer science degree from an Indian University. Love to learn new things and work on new technologies. Started a career as a teacher in High school teaching C programming and then moved to a web hosting company there started with Freebsd, then Centos/Redhat & Unix. Gained experience working with HP and Dell in their storage systems and plus in RHEL.

Now on Cloud platform & DevOps (freelancer) and working as the chief editor at Linoxide. Love traveling, blogging, listening to music and weekend love playing cricket :-).

About Saheetha Shameer

Saheetha is working as a Senior System Administrator. She can learn quickly and have a slight inclination towards following the current and emerging trends in the industry.

Her hobbies include hearing music, playing strategy computer games, reading and gardening. She also has a high passion for experimenting with various culinary delights.

About Alain F. MAKONTSO

IT System Administrator passionate about Open Source and Linux particularly on DevOps, Cloud Computing, Scripting, Automation and New Technologies. He enjoys sharing his experiences with others who share these same interests or with a wider audience through training, conferences and workshops.

About Raghu Sharma

Raghu is working as Linux Server Administrator in Acknown Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has been using Linux from last 5 years. He completed his RHCE certification in 2009. He likes to read about Linux and other Open Source Technologies and write articles on these.

About Pungki Arianto

Pungki, currently working as a Linux / Unix administrator for a banking company. He loves to work in Linux / Unix since it's fun for him. He is also interested in information technology, information security and writing.

About Adrian Dinu

Adrian has been a Linux enthusiast since 1998 and been working as a Linux Admin in the past 8 years with a lot of love for computers and networks.

About Arun Pyasi

Linux Enthusiast geek and Web Developer who loves Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). He is a FOSS activist who loves technology, hacking, blogging, traveling, research and development.

He is the Founder/Lead Developer of Chitwanix OS.

About Mihajlo Milenovic

Miki is a long time GNU/Linux user, Free Software advocate and a freelance system administrator from Serbia. Got introduced to GNU/Linux in the year 2003 on old AMD Duron computer, and since then always eager to learn new stuff about this system. From 2016 writes for Linoxide to share his experiences with a wider audience.

About B N Poornima

She is a Linux professional working on Linux and open source since 2003. She loves blogging, traveling, photography and music.

About Kashif S

Linux Systems and Security Engineer with more than 5 years of working experience in Information and Communication technologies, focus on high availability servers. Results-driven ICT Professional with technical specialties in the area of Open Source Systems and Applications.

About Aun Raza

He is passionate about Linux system administration and technology blogging. He has been working in Webhosting and Cloud Computing industry for more than 10 years now. He loves learning new stuff and writing about open source technologies. His hobbies include book reading (paulo coelho is my favorite), traveling and movie watching. To put into a nutshell, he is technology enthusiast with the heart of an artist.