How to Get Live Cricket Data from Terminal

Are you a cricket and Linux enthusiast at the same time? Then, this tool is for you! Cricket-cli is a CLI tool that allows you to gather live cricket information. The best part is that this can be easily done from the terminal. As this is an open source tool, you visit the official repository and check its code.


You can check the following live stats:

  • Live cricket scores
  • ICC player rankings
  • ICC team standings


This tool can be installed via pip:

$ sudo pip install cricket-cli

Then, just run the program by typing:

$ cricket

If the terminal throws an error message saying that cricket command was not found, you may have to set HOME variable to target user's home dir:

$ sudo -H

That's all.


Is I've told you before, you can get some interesting live cricket information:

Live cricket scores

Shows available matches, with their status and summary.

$ cricket scores

cricket-cli scores

ICC player rankings

Shows player name, rank, country and rating grouped by role.

$ cricket rankings

cricket-cli rankings

ICC team standings

Displays Team, matches, points and rating for different championships.

$ cricket standings

cricket-cli standings

As you can see, cricket-cli is a very simple but useful CLI tool for cricket enthusiasts. Now you can check relevant and updated information without having to use the browser, being able to save a lot of time. So, install the tool, type a simple command, and get all the desired information in a glance!

Ivo Ursino 12:05 am


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