Install Robolinux 7.8.3 - Now Have More Privacy and Security Features

Robolinux is a Debian based linux operating system. The development goal for this operating system is to provide support to users migrating from Windows operating system. The users of windows operating system migrate to this lightweight, easy to use distribution and they feel the ease of Windows OS along with the power and security of Linux platform. It comes pre-installed with a good number of software applications that windows users need on daily basis. Its popularity is on the rise and recently new release,  Robolinux 7.8.3 is available for download. We will review the exciting features of this new release and its installation/upgradation process in this article.


Keeping the users’ suggestions in mind, Robolinux 7.8.3 is all about security and privacy. Many features have been added to the new release of the operating system with respect to these two elements. Following are noteworthy updates in new release.

Tor Anonymous Browser has been added to this release. Tor is designed to prevent people from learning your location or browsing routines. It is preconfigured to protect your anonymity. It is cross platform web browser; Linux, Mac, Windows users can install it for free.

Tor Anonymous Chat is another addition to Robolinux 7.8.3. This cute little Internet Messenger is used for encrypted, anonymous chat and file sharing. It is considered one of the most secure chat messengers on the planet.

Stealth Text Vault is a newly in-house developed application by Robolinux team. It another security focused app, it lets users hide text in JPG image. Its current version offers a neat and clean graphical interface for files encryption, further updates for this app are expected in next releases of Robolinux.

BleachBit Data Scrubber is part of Robolinux now. It is a well known open source tool that lets you purge your system of unnecessary files. It is easy to use graphical application and is a must have app for your system.

PGP eMail Encryption facility has been added for modern email software. Mozilla Thunderbird and other newer versions of email client tools will be able to avail this feature. It provides email security and encryption to ensure your critical and private information can’t be sniffed easily by internet hackers.

Installing or upgrading to Robolinux 7.8.3

The new release is available in XFCE, GNOME, KDE and LXDE editions. The installation process for all of these editions is the same, simply download the Robolinux edition of your own choice. All these editions are available in both 32 and 64 bit architectures

There are two ways you can initiate the installation process of Robolinux:

Whichever process you follow, here is the very first screen when you boot using Robolinux ISO.

Install Robolinux

Click “Install Robolinux” option to initiate the installation process. Choose your preferred language on the next step.

Robolinux Language

On next step, choose your location and hit “Next”.

Robolinux location

Choose your Keyboard layout from here and proceed to next step of installation.

Robolinux Keyboad

The installer will take couple of minutes to load its components at this point.

Robolinux Installer

Next step is to specify the hostname for your computer. Hostname is used to uniquely identify your system on the network.

Robolinux Hostname

Now is the time to specify your system’s administrator account username and password. Next two installation steps  will ask for your username and its associated password.

Robolinux username



Robolinux password

Choose Disk partitioning method from here. “Guided – use entire disk” option should be selected if installing within virtual server or stand alone machine. Otherwise choose the method according to your preferences.

Disk Setting

Next step, it will show you the overview of the disk partitioning settings, click “Next” to take installation to the final level.

Disk Setting 1

That’s all, system installation is underway now

Robolinux installing 1


Robolinux installing

A soon as installation is complete, it will reboot your system itself, there you are, just login to your Robolinux operating system and enjoy the secure and friendly operating system.

Robolinux destop

Upgrading your current Robolinux installation to 7.8.3 is pretty easy, If you are already using any older version of Robolinux on your end, browse under System menu >> System Tools, click “Auto Upgrade Robolinux” from here and it should upgrade your system to the latest release.

auto upgrade Robolinux


Robolinux is a security and privacy focused linux operating system which aims to migrate users from windows to Linux. It has been successful to gather attention of a vast majority of windows users looking for good alternatives. You can read more exciting news and updates from its official website. Enjoy!

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