How to Install Spotify on Fedora 26

spotify fedora26Spotify is a free music streaming service which offers additional premium content at a minimal subscription fee. It's a widely successful music service several million users and millions of songs at your fingertips. With Spotify, you can listen to your favorite artists, the latest hits, exclusives, and new discoveries on the go. There are no advertisements for premium customers, clear audio quality with (up to 320kbit/s), and users can save the files offline. But free customers are limited to 160kbit/s download rates with advertisement enabled.

Spotify is available on Windows, macOS, Linux (Debian), along with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets. Since Fedora 26 and other RPM-based distros are not supported, we will learn in this article how to install Spotify on the latest version of Fedora - Fedora 26.

1) Using Repository's repo contains the required libraries for enabling local files playback and file upload to personal playlists, as well as firewalld rules for enabling local service discovery and Spotify Connect.

Open the terminal and type the following commands to add the Negativo17 repo. install Spotify using the Negativo17 repository:

# dnf config-manager --add-repo=

Finally, install Spotify by typing the following command and enter 'y' to confirm the installation:

# dnf install spotify

After Spotify is installed, you can launch it from Gnome or type spotify

2) Using Flatpak

Alternatively, you can use Flatpak to install Spotify on Fedora 26 by entering the following commands.

Install flatpak, flatpak-builder, git, make and ostree:

# dnf install flatpak flatpak-builder git make ostree -y

Configure flatpak:

# flatpak remote-add --from gnome flatpak
# install gnome org.freedesktop.Platform 1.4 flatpak
# install gnome org.freedesktop.Sdk 1.4

Now, let's clone the Spotify and compile it:

# git clone
# cd spotify-app
# make
# flatpak install gnome org.gnome.Sdk 3.24

Completing the installation:

# flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify local-spotify repo
# flatpak --user install local-spotify com.spotify.Client

Now that you've successfully installed Spotify, you can enjoy streaming your media content like you would on other platforms.

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