Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca Installation With Cinnamon - Best Guide !

Linux Mint is a Debian based Linux distribution developed with a core focus to provide some state of the art facilities for multimedia projects. It comes with some proprietary software like Adobe flash. The mission statement of Linux Mint is “From freedom comes elegance” and Linux Mint is indeed elegant.

Cinnamon is GTK+3 based desktop environment, it was originally developed as a fork of GNOME and basically aimed for a graphical shell for Linux Mint.

A number of Linux Mint versions with Cinnamon GUI support have been released. A newer version is released every six months on average and a long term support (LTS) version is released almost every two years. The first version of Linux Mint “ada” was released way back on 27th August, 2006. The current LTS version “Rebecca” 17.1 has been released on 29th November, 2014.

Installing Linux Mint 17.1 with Cinnamon

To download desired Linux Mint click the corresponding link below and then click on the mirror best suits you.

Download 32-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With Cinnamon ISO

Download 64-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With Cinnamon ISO

Download 32-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With Cinnamon No Codecs ISO

Download 64-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With Cinnamon No Codecs ISO

Download 32-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With MATE ISO

Download 64-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With MATE ISO

Download 32-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With KDE ISO

Download 64-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With KDE ISO

Download 32-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With Xfce ISO

Download 64-bit Linux Mint 17.1 With Xfce ISO

Download desired ISO file for Linux Mint 17.1 (with Cinnamon in our case) according to your requirements and flash it on Bootable USB or burn on bootable CD/DVD. Boot the system through bootable media.


Select interface language as per your choice and click “Continue” to proceed.


Make sure your computer has at least 9.2GB of disk space at least and connected to internet so that latest updates can be installed pre-loaded software. Click on “Continue” to proceed further.

resource requirement

Next you will land to installation type page where you have given few options to either install Linux Mint as the only operating system or install it as a second operating system alongside any other operating system.

  • If you choose to use the entire disk, its content will be erased and Linux Mint will be installed as the only operating system on your computer.
  • If you choose to install it alongside other operating systems, the installer will use the free space available on other partitions to create a new one for Linux Mint. You will be asked how much space you want to allocate to it. The installer will then shrink a partition and take care of everything for you. Post-installation your computer will have a boot screen from which you'll be able to boot all your operating systems.
  • If you choose to specify partitions manually, a partition editor will appear, giving you full control over the partitioning of your hard drive. This is recommended only to advanced users who understand how partitioning works under Linux. Note that Linux Mint requires a partition of at least 6GB and that the recommended size for a swap partition is double the amount of RAM available on the computer.

Choose option “Erase disk and install Linux Mint” and click on “Install Now”.

Installation Type

A popup with caption “Write the changes to disk?” will appear, click “Continue” to proceed.

data loss warning

Select your location to help the installation package determine your time zone and nearest mirrors for all update downloads.


Select the keyboard layout that best suits your needs.

keyboard layout

Fill in the “Who are you” form to setup username and password for the administrator.

who are you

Once all these details have been given, installation process starts to configure operating system on the computer, it may take several minutes depending on the network speed and computer hardware specification to complete the installation process.

Installation Progress

Congratulations! Linux Mint 17.1 with Cinnamon has been installed successfully. Here is the first look of newly installed operating system.

First Look

Upgrade to Cinnamon 2.6

Cinnamon 2.6 stable version has not been released, if you want to upgrade to Cinnamon 2.6 beta version follow the below steps. But since, it is a beta version so it may have some bugs which need to be fixed yet. You can find source files on GitHub.

  • Go to Application Menu of your Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca and launch Software Sources
  • In the Optional Components section select the "Unstable package (romeo)" check box
  • Click on "Update the cache" on top right corner of the window, it will populate the update manager with all the unstable packages available
  • Once all the unstable packages (romeo) are populated, use the update manager to update Cinnamon 2.6,  CJS and Muffin packages

Cinnamon 2.6


Linux Mint 17.1 "Rebecca" with Cinnamon is one of the most elegant, lightweight, flexible and resource efficient operating system. Linux Mint supports so many desktop environments which makes it user friendly. This LTS version of Linux Mint has also made a positive shift to CJS instead of GJS, CJS is more efficient in memory usage. But it is not using the Linux Kernel 4.0, which is expected to be supported in upcoming version.

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