Shell Script to Find Kernel Version from Multiple Servers

Linux shell script that will login to server via ssh and get kernel version via uname -r command. List of all the servers are in server_list.txt file, script will take name by name and try to ssh with the root user and run uname -r command. The output will be written to variable and after into file with servername. This script helps system administrator who manage large linux servers , to take reports of what linux versions running. Here I have used uname -r but you can edit and use your own command as per your requirements.

Linux Shell Script

#we user variable serverlist to keep there path to file with server names
#we write in variable all server list
servers=`cat $serverlist`
#we use variable result to keep there path to file with result

#this print header to file with resilt using \t\t to add 2 tab symbols
echo -e "Servername \t\t kernel version"> $result
#this get each line of serverlist one by one and write to server variable
for server in $servers
#this login to server by ssh and get uname -r
kernel=`ssh root@${server} "uname -r"`
#this write server name and kernel version separated by 2 tab to result file
echo -e "$server \t\t $kernel" >> $result
#end of for loop.

server_list.txt file
# cat server_list.txt

Shell Script Output

centos_node1@bobbin:~/Documents/Work/Bobbin$ cat result.txt
Servername kernel version
dev 3.3.8-gentoo
web1 3.2.12-gentoo
svn 3.2.12-gentoo

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