Linux Weather App to Forecast for 1 to 5 Days

Wego is a cool weather client for your Linux terminal, it will display the weather in ASCII. It can show you the forecast for 1 to 5 days, in metric or imperial and also can use SSL for security. It will show you the temperature, the wind speed and direction, the viewing distance and the precipitation amount and probability

How to install

To install wego we must first install the dependencies using the following command in Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install golang-go git

Next you are ready to install wego like this

$ export GOPATH=/home/yourusername/gocode
$ go get
$ cd ~/gocode/bin

Now we will run wego for the first time to create the configuration file, it should give you the following message:

$ ./wego
2015/05/21 20:06:36 No API key specified. Setup instructions are in the README.

Next you will need to go to Worldweatheronline website to get an API key for your little app. The following page will appear:

register page

You will have to enter you valid email address, name and password to get an API key, after you register you will need to verify the account from the email you receive. The next thing you will see will look like this:


Next open the file ~/.wegorc with your favorite text editor and add your API key to it, the file should look something like this:


You can also set the city you wish to get weather by default with the app.

Using wego

You are all set you can now run the application from it's directory using the ./wego command, you should get a result like this:

$ ./wego

You can also use to get weather information from other cities like so:

$ ./wego bucharest
wego bucharest

That's it, we hope you will enjoy your cool Linux console weather application, if you have any issue with the installation or using it you can leave us a comment.

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  1. Hi, I am on Linux Mint 17.1 Mate 32. I installed the app following your steps. Now when I start it, it responds:
    ~/gocode/bin $ ./wego
    2015/05/26 14:44:38 Malformed response.
    Is there a logfile?
    How to uninstall it - just delete the gocode folder?

    • Hello,

      Have you set you API key ? It looks like the API key is not setup in the file ~/.wegorc or a wrong type of key is used.

  2. Hello, i follow the instructions but i have the following error
    i will appreciate any help on this, regards

    pi@raspberrypi:~/gocode $ go get
    src/ undefined: flag.UnquoteUsage
    pi@raspberrypi:~/gocode $

  3. Hi,
    For those who it doesnt work, you can always just type:
    curl and thats it.



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