How to Manage Time from Linux Terminal using Ding Tool

ding time management tool

Ding is a very simple solution to help with short-term time management. The beep sound uses the motherboard audio and works even if the speakers are muted. To manage time with ding, you need a linux terminal and that includes ssh sessions.

This article covers installation and usages of ding in Ubuntu 16.10

Installation of ding

Ding has no dependencies other than Python itself and is compatible with both Python2 and Python3. The installation can be done either by using pip or simply copy the binary in the location pointed by $PATH. Ding can be installed in Linux, OS X, Windows as well.

Install python

 # apt-get install python

Copy from github and paste it using vi editor, give execute permission and run ding.

 # vi
 # chmod u+x
 # ./ in 2s

You can also install it using python pip .

 # apt-get install python-pip
 # pip install ding-ding
   Collecting ding-ding
   Downloading ding-ding-2.1.0.tar.gz
   Building wheels for collected packages: ding-ding
   Running bdist_wheel for ding-ding ... done
   Stored in directory: /root/.cache/pip/wheels/a1/1f/46/075846b3f5326c4cebba0e3a1c18af988eca4f82fd8ba74e50
   Successfully built ding-ding
   Installing collected packages: ding-ding
   Successfully installed ding-ding-2.1.0

Usages of ding

You want to start work after browsing the news for a bit, but you don't want to get carried away and do no work. Set a timer for 15 minutes.

 # ding in 15m

You need to leave at 17:00 and you want to have time to get ready.

 # ding at 16:45

Use Pomodoro technique which uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

 # alias pomo="ding in 25m"
 # pomo

Relative time

 # ding in 2m
 # ding in 2h 15m
 # ding in 2m 15s

Absolute time

 # ding at 12
 # ding at 17:30
 # ding at 17:30:21

Recurrent notification

 # ding every 15m

Custom command for beeping

 # ding in 1s --command "paplay --volume 15000 beep.wav"

Hide timer

 # ding in 1s --no-timer

To run it in the background use the following command.

 # ding in 1s --no-timer&

Run ding in a custom command all the time. To accomplish it, add the following function to your start-up script.

 # function ding() { ding $@ -c custom-command }


The classical way to play sound in linux terminal is by using beep. But to manage time using beep you have to write your own shell script. The alternative is to use, ding tool that comes with all the options you need for managing your time.

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