How to Easy Install Nagios using FAN Tool

FAN stands for Fully Automated Nagios and it is designed as a quick and easy installation of Nagios along with the most used tools in the Nagios community. It is designed as a stand-alone installation based on CentOS 5.9. FAN is available in iso image format and it’s easy to burn on a CD or DVD. A large number of tools are also being distributed, which makes the implementation of an efficient monitoring platform much easier.

Installing Fully Automated Nagios

You can install FAN either on a server you design for monitoring or on a virtual machine that is part of a more complex server. Either way first you will have to download and burn FAN on a CD / DVD, you can download the iso image from the download section of the FAN website. After that you can boot from it to start the installation.

The installation is straightforward, the first screen you will see will look like this:

FAN boot menu

After picking an install option the installer will start and ask you to choose your language and keyboard layout and proceed to the partition configuration:

FAN partition

Next it will ask for your time zone and root password and start the installation process:

FAN installing

The installation process won't take very much as it's just a minimal CentOS 5.9 packed with the appropriate packages:

FAN finish

Using FAN

After you finished the installation the new system will boot up and you can access it remotely with a web browser using the IP of the server or VM you have installed it on.

Note: the default username and password for all Nagios tools is nagiosadmin / nagiosadmin.

The first page will look like this:


From here you should start with Centreon where you can configure every aspect of Nagios in a simple manner from the web interface, it is very intuitive and easy to use. You can use the Configuration menu to add and configure Hosts, Services, Notification, Commands and most aspects of Nagios.

FAN centreon

Afterwards you can monitor everything from the nagios interface:

FAN nagios

The real benefit of having such an installation is that everything is tightly configured and made to work together, you just have to easily install it and then configure it from the intuitive web interface.

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