KDE 4.12 Beta 3 Has Been Released

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Hi linux geeks!

This is not a post like others, I am trying to develop a friendly voice in linoxide site so everyone can find a warm space in here. Since linux is becoming more popular as the time goes, there is alot of new information out there for everybody.

Are you a KDE user? KDE 4.12 Beta 3 has been officially released. It includes many bugfixes and new implementations will be added.

But, how can KDE be 'perfect' without your help? Developers can do as many testing as possible, but is the curious user that tests every possible configuration and goes through many problems. So are you ready to give a try to this beta release?

If so, you will help in maintaining and improving the quality and user experience for KDE 4.12 final release. Developers work very hard and dedicate their priceless time to the project so users can have the best experience possible, don't dissapoint them!

Now, are you curious to know some important bugfixes and features in this Beta 3 of KDE desktop environment?

If you use VNC for managing your servers or normal machines, you will not experience anymore the auto-reconnect bug after the connection has been lost. Are you tired of ads while using Kmail? Nobody like adds, so in this KDE 4.12 Beta 3 so the Adblock support has been added for Kmail.

Marble Touch will be implemented on Plasma Active and KNotes are now working a lot better. Notice that this release does not include Plasma Workspaces, its focus is improving and polishing.

Do you want to help? Then give a try to KDE 4.13 Beta 3 and report some bugs you discover along the way.

Oltjano Terpollari 11:33 pm

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