Pear OS 8 Linux Has Been Released

Hello Linux Geeks! Whats up?

It is time to talk about a linux distribution which has been released recently,it is the moment to share with you guys some updates about the Pear OS linux distribution.Pear OS 8 is out.

What is Pear OS?

Pear OS is a linux distribution with a Mac OS X-like look and feel created by a french guy named David Tavares, who has been as been using and testing Linux for seven years now. It is very fast,secure,free and even my father who is a computer a newbie can use it.

Pear OS 8 Release

Are you looking for a linux distro with a simple but powerful interface? Then, Pear OS 8 is the right choice for you, its simple and elegant desktop environment will make you fall in love with this linux distribution. There are many useful applications included by default in this release of the Pear OS such as Pear Cloud, Clean My Pear 2, My Pear 6, Pear PPA manager, Pear Contacts, Pear System Info and Pear Updater.

A nice app i like to mention in this article is the Pear Cloud, which manages your documents, pictures, music and other files in the cloud. It really helps alot to update your stuff because every change you make in your computers takes place also in the cloud and vice versa.Isn't that nice? You can update your family's docs while on holidays or traveling, without the need of downloading the files in your machine.

What about updates? How does one make updates in this distribution? Don't worry, Pear Updater makes everything easy for you, as it automaticially searches for updates and offers you the option to install them in only one click.

This elegant operating system makes every machine work super fast and once you start using it, you will no longer have problems with your devices such as cameras,printers and ipods. Just plug in your MP3 player and you are ready to go.

What about themes?

There are two themes available in Pear OS 8, Mac OS X and iOS 7 theme. So if you want to feel the elegance of the mac or ios operating systems, you can do it by using Pear OS 8.

Download Pear OS 8 From The Official Website

You can download Free Pear OS 8 from this source created by David Tavares.

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