TurnKey Linux 13 Has Been Released

What Is TurnKey?

TurnKey is a very nice solution for deploying open source software in your bare metal, virtual machine and in the cloud. Do you experience complex OS compatibility issues, library dependencies or undesirable interactions with other applications while deploying open source software?Use TurnKey virtual appliance and say no to these problems.

TurnKey integrates open source software into ready to use solutions by using the virtual appliance packaging technology, which combines a software application with the operating system for it to run on a standard hardware or a virtual machine.

The virtual appliance packaging technology is a very effective solution because it offers a simplified deployment and improved isolation. Virtual appliances do not effect each other, which means that if one of the virtual appliances is compromised or crashed, it does not effect others. But, what about simplified deployment, what does it mean?

Simplified deployment means no worries about potentially complex OS compatibility issues, library dependencies or undesirable interactions with other applications.

TurnKey 13 Is Out

TurnKey 13 codenamed "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!" is based on latest version of Debian (7.2) and includes 330GB of open source software, only for you!

The good news is that all the software is pre-tested in bare metal, virtual machines and hypervisors of all kinds. When first launched five years ago in 2008, the TurnKey included only LAMP stack, Drupal and Joomla, it took only 0.5 GB on SourceForge. Now it comes with 1400 images: 100 apps, 7 build types, in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

What are some new apps in this release of TurnKey?

OpenVPN, Observium and Tendenc applications are included in TurnKey 13.

Get the latest TurnKey here.

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