Valve Has Announced The Release Of Another Steam Client

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What is Steam ? Steam is a very popular digital distribution platform developed by Valve corporation. It was initially released for the Windows operating system on September 12, 2003, then on February 14, 2013 it came in our lovely platform, linux. The Steam client is available in 25 languages and available in many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android.

Are you a hardcore gamer? Thats cool because Steam offers more than 2,000 games from Action to Indie and everything in-between. Steam has a great community with more than 4,450,96 gamers online, you can form your clans, join game groups and meet new people. Once you have bought a game on Steam Store you are free to play it anywhere you want. Buy once and have fun forever. There are also many Cross-Platform Multiplayer games available in Steam so you and your friends can entertain with each other.

To a linux gamer, the word Steam means three things: Fun, Exclusive Deals and Great Games! If you like you can install your Steam Client on your TV or your mobile device, so you will never feel its absence. Sometimes i think alot about all the good changes computers and especially linux are doing to our world, and i feel very happy for my binary lifestlye.

What is fixed in this new beta release of Steam?

Valve has announced the release of another beta build of its Steam client on Nov 11th. The main intention of this release is to fix a number of problems such as cap locks label not hiding when there was input in the password box, runtime bootstrap, hang on start-up if you had a problem connecting to the update server and many others.

This beta comes with many changes, updates and fixes. According to the official release the runtime bootstrap rewriting has been fixed, so that if this process interrupted, steam is not left in an inconsistent non-startable state.

Following is a list of fixes and changes taken from the official release of Steam Client:


    On game launch, if there is an update available but we haven't started downloading it yet, ask the user if they want to launch the existing bits or wait for the update.
    Fix hang on start-up if you had a problem connecting to the update server

Big Picture

    Allow use of the up and down arrows on the Store description dialog
    Prompt for immediate restart if the user changes beta client opt in status
    Fixed loop in the UI if you navigated from an IM to the web, hit the Steam button to go back and then hit Done in the footer
    Fixed password cap locks label not hiding when there was input in the password box
    Fixed check for updates button not hiding in the case you had an update ready to restart into

You can read more about the steam client official release.For me is time to go to bed, for you is time to update your Steam Client.

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