How To Install PyChess In Linux

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If you are looking for a nice chess client in linux in order to play a short game or even to further enhance your play, Pychess is the right one. It has an easy to use interface and follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines that makes this client usable to those new to chess as well as to old players.

Pychess runs well in every linux desktop and it is available in a number of different formats. You can play against the computer or with someone online when you get bored of beating computer players. The good thing is that Pychess comes with its own built-in chess engine that can work with other chess engines such as GnuChess, Crafty, Sjeng and Fruit, and even Rybka.

If you are an Ubuntu user, open a new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and run the following command to install Pychess in your machine.

sudo apt-get install pychess

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To play Pychess game, run the pychess command in the terminal. After that select your color, opponent and click on the Start Game button.

how to install pychess in linux, play chess in linux

How To Install Pychess In Other Linux Distros


Run the following command.

yum install pychess


emerge pychess

Arch Linux

pacman -S pychess

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