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How To Run Docker Client Inside Windows OS

Hi everyone, today we'll learn about Docker in Windows Operating System and about the installation of Docker Windows Client in it. Docker Engine uses Linux Specific Kernel features so it cannot use Windows Kernel to run so, the Docker Engine creates a small Virtual Machine running Linux and utilizes its resources and Kernel. The Windows […]

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How to Install PandoraFMS and Setup Whatsapp Alerts

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software chosen by several companies all around the world to manage their IT infrastructures. Besides ensuring high performance and maximum flexibility, it has a large amount of features making Pandora FMS one of the most complete solutions in the market. So we will use this software monitoring for monitoring our server […]

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Installing and Configuring LEMP On Ubuntu 15.04 Made Easy !

Linux, Nginx (pronounced as Engine-X), Mysql and Php called LEMP is complete package for developing, testing and running various scripts or applications in offline or online mode. Linux is an operating system which provides a base of Nginx, Mysql, Php and other applications to make use of hardware resources of a desktop computer or a […]

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Interactive Shell Script to Copy Files / Directory using SCP

Today we have interactive shell script that will copy files / directory to source to destination. This script will allow copy multiple files and directories. Script will only work assuming you have configured ssh key based authentication between two machines. Script will request to input destination hostname or ip address and path of destination folder. […]

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CTOP - Command Line Tool to Monitor Linux Containers Performance

ctop is a new command line based tool available to monitor the processes at the container level. Containers provide operating system level virtualization environment by making use of the cgroups resource management functionality. This tool collects data related to memory, cpu, block IO and metadata like owner, uptime etc from cgroups and presents it in a […]

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How to Install OpenBSD - Easiest Guide Ever !

OpenBSD is forked from NetBSD in 1995. Now OpenBSD is the second most popular BSD system. This system is widely known for the developers insistence on open-source code and quality documentation, uncompromising position on software licensing, and focus on security and code correctness. The OpenBSD project maintains ports for 20 different hardware platforms: i386, x86-64, […]

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A Guide to Install New Release Arch Linux 2015.5.1

Judd Vinet started working a minimalist Linux operating system (Arch Linux) in March 2002. Arch Linux is developed for 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessor architectures with a focus to yield maximum throughput from modern hardware systems. It is a lightweight, efficient and easy to use because of its architectural simplicity. A package manager “Pacman” is used […]

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How to Setup OpenERP (Odoo) on CentOS 7.x

Hi everyone, this tutorial is all about how we can setup Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP) on our CentOS 7 Server. Are you thinking to get an awesome ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) app for your business ?. Then, OpenERP is the best app you are searching as it is a Free and Open Source Software which provides an […]

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How to Securely Store Passwords and Api Keys Using Vault

Vault is a tool that is used to access secret information securely, it may be password, API key, certificate or anything else. Vault provides a unified interface to secret information through strong access control mechanism and extensive logging of events. Granting access to critical information is quite a difficult problem when we have multiple roles […]

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Learning Shell Scripting - First Step Guide !

Usually when people say "shell scripting" they have on mind bash, ksh, sh, ash or similar Linux/UNIX scripting language. Scripting is another way to communicate with computer. Using graphic windows interface (not matter windows or Linux) user can move mouse and clicking on the various objects like, buttons, lists, check boxes and so on. But […]

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Install Vector an Opensource Performance Monitoring Tool from Netflix

Today we will present Vector, an open source performance monitoring framework which exposes hand picked system and application metrics to your web browser. Having the right metrics available on-demand and at a high resolution is key to understand how a system behaves and correctly troubleshoot performance issues. It's released under Apache License, Version 2.0. At […]

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Docker 1.6 Released - How to Upgrade on Fedora / CentOS

Docker, a popular open source container platform for packaging applications, has a new release 1.6 with lot of new features in it. This version has updates to Docker Registry, Engine, Swarm, Compose and Machine. The release aims at improvements in performance, developer and system administrator experiences. Let us take a quick look at the new […]

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How To Install Debian 8.0 Jessie and Things To Do After

Debian 8.0 codenamed Jessie has finally been released including many major changes such as a new default init system. systemd. There are also many packages updated with this release such as apache, gimp, nagios and many others. Jessie comes shipped with both Python version 2.7.9 and 3.4.2. This release will be supported for the next five […]

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How to Install Ubuntu MATE 15.04 and Things to do after

Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux based desktop operating system and MATE is a premiere desktop environment which is a continuation of GNOME 2. Ubuntu is open source and has quite a few diverse flavors with each having unique desktop environment. Ubuntu MATE is a secure, light weight, elegant, efficient and freely available […]

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