Top 8 Reasons to Use Garuda Linux

Have you been going back and forth between multiple Linux flavors in search of an exciting experience? Or perhaps you are coming from a Windows or MAC environment and want to try out a Linux distribution that offers a superb user experience with a colorful and zestful UI? If you are any of those, then Garuda Linux is one of the popular Linux distros to check out.

Garuda Linux is a relatively new Arch-based Linux distribution that offers an unparalleled user experience. It comes in a stunning array of colorful and vibrant desktop environments including KDE, Xfce, Wayfire, GNOME, Qtile, Sway, i3wm, and LXQt-win. Since its release, Garuda Linux has won accolades for being one of the most user-friendly and exciting Linux flavors to use given its otherworldly appeal. Garuda Linux is a rolling release distribution. It comes with a huge collection of software and uses Pacman as its package manager.

Here are the top eight reasons why you should consider using Garuda Linux in 2021.

1. Intuitive and fast Calameres installer

Garuda Linux Calameres installer

Garuda Linux features a fast and easy-to-use Calameres installer that easily walks you through the installation process. You can easily track your installation step using the left sidebar.

Further, it eliminates the arduous and often time-consuming task of installing an Arch-based Linux distribution.

2. Stunning User experience

Garuda desktop

Garuda Linux is undeniably a colorful distribution that adds a splash of color and energy to the overall user experience. Out-of-the-box, you get attractive desktop backgrounds, themes, icons, and navigation menus all of which contribute to a dazzling UI.

If a stunning UI is what you are looking for, then Garuda Linux is certainly the right Linux distribution for you.

3. BTRFS filesystem with zstd compression

By default, Garuda Linux offers the BTRFS filesystem which is a robust and better filesystem that places an emphasis on performance, fault tolerance, and seamless administration. The filesystem significantly minimizes the chances of data corruption.

The BTRFS filesystem integrates with snapper to provide an automatic snapshot feature that backup the entire system before every system update.

4. Garuda assistant

Garuda assistant

Garuda provides a GUI assistant tool that helps you perform some system maintenance and administration tasks. For instance, you can seamlessly update the system, modify repositories, clear cache, and perform other diagnostic tasks.

5. Settings Manager

Garuda Settings Manager

The settings manager is pretty much like the one you would find in Manjaro. The settings manager allows you to tweak various components of your system. You can configure your hardware, add/remove user accounts, set time and date, configure the keyboard and even install a new kernel.

6. Garuda Gamer

Garuda gamer

The Garuda Linux KDE Dr460nized release is a Garuda distribution that is specially built for gaming. It provides Garuda gamer which is a GUI feature that offers a rich selection of gaming software including Steam, WINE, PlayOnLinux (front-end for wine that allows users to install Windows-based games ), GameHub, Lutris, Minigalaxy, itch, Boxtron, and Heroic Game Launcher to mention a few.

You also get other gaming tools such as Discord, Piper, AntimicroX, Streamlink-Twitch-GUI, Oversteer, GWE, keyboard visualizer, and NoiseTorch.

In addition, you can install a wide selection of games and gaming emulators.

7. Chaotic AUR

On top of using Arch Linux official repositories, Garuda Linux uses an extra unofficial repository known as the chaotic AUR. This repository provides a huge selection of precompiled binaries. At the time of writing this guide, the AUR provides 247 repositories with over 2400 software packages.

8. Great opensource community

Garuda Linux community

Although recently launched, Garuda Linux has a warm and vibrant online community that is always ready to help users solve any issues they encounter while working with the operating system.


Garuda Linux is a truly fantastic, and easy-to-use rolling distribution that focuses not only on improved performance but also the look and feels. It's designed for users who prefer a colorful and awe-inspiring user interface and gamers as well given its sheer magnitude of gaming software and tools. Garuda Linux is free and open-source and will always remain so. Currently, the source code is hosted on Gitlab and everyone has the right to study the code, modify it and redistribute it.

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