Nautilus Addon - ReSize JPG and PNG Image Files on Ubuntu 16.04

Nautilus addon resize image files

There are various tools available to reduce the size of jpg and png images like GIMP or a photo manager such as Shotwell or using the command in the terminal to perform batch processing of several image files. The another way of reducing the size of images is to use a lightweight nautilus script from Spanish linux group Atareao.  By simply right mouse click on any jpg or png image file you can re-size them to specified height/width and quality.


〉 Reduce (limited) images, with added borders if necessary
〉 Choose to add a border to all images
〉 Choose background color (i.e useful if the image is transparent PNG)
〉 Reduce JPEG quality
〉 Convert PNG to JPG
〉 Overwrite existing image

Install nautilus reduce image tool

I am using ubuntu 16.04 machine and it should work also on ubuntu 17.04. In the terminal, execute the following command to install python software properties for add-apt-repository

# sudo apt-get install software-properties-common python-software-properties

Add the PPA of Atareao to your software sources.

# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/nautilus-extensions

Update the packages list and install the script 'nautilus-reduceimages'

# sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nautilus-reduceimages

Now restart Nautilus using nautilus -q so that the reduce image script is available in the Nautilus context menu when you right-click a compatible jpg or  png file. If you are using some other desktop environment like Xfce then you need to install the nautilus beforehand using following command.

# sudo apt-get install nautilus

You can start nautilus using following command.

# nautilus

In the nautilus file manager select any png or jpg image and right click on it and then select Reduce images -> Configure

Nautilus reduceimages configure

Next configure exactly how images are reduced and re-sized by providing width, height, border width, background color and quality. The overwrite option will simple overwrite the file that you are trying to reduce, otherwise it will create a new file.

Nautilus-reduce-image-size configure options

Remember to adjust these settings before running this script, otherwise it will simply start processing the images using any settings you last used.

The drawback of this script is that it keeps the images restricted by re-sizing, adding an edge / background as a scroll. For more accurate re-sizing and image quality reduction, you may need to use more sophisticated tools. But for quick file re-sizing this Nautilus script gives you a quick and trouble-free solution.

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