Samba 4.0.10 Released - Fixes Some Major Bugs

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Samba is a software that uses TCP/IP protocol to enable interaction between Microsoft Windows and other systems (like Unix, Linux etc.). It is a popular tool for file transfers across the systems.

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Samba 4.0.10

A new version of Samba -- 4.0.10 -- has been released on 8th October 2013. It is the latest stable release that includes fixes to the following major bugs :

  • The problem of CPU hogging NetBIOS samba process that consumes 100% CPU -- BUG 10158.
  • The problem of stale shared entries that are left behind after smbd crashes -- BUG 10138.
  • The failure of POSIX ACL mapping, when setting DENY ACE's from Windows -- BUG 10162.

Official Announcement

As it is a major release so the developers want users to upgrade older versions of Samba with this release. This is evident from the official announcement, which says :

To ease upgrades from Samba 3.6 and older, a new parameter called "acl allow execute always" has been introduced as a temporary workaround. Please see the smb.conf man page for details.

Other Fixes

Here are some of the other changes introduced in this release :

  • Fix for the build error in scavenger.c
  • Fix for making Samba work on site with Read Only Domain Controller.
  • Fix for masks that are incorrectly applied to UNIX extension permission changes.
  • Fix for "invalid conversion error" messages for valid utf8 file-names.
  • Fix for errors while building Samba 4.0.x on AIX with IBM XL C/C++.
  • Fix for the problem --  async smb echo handler forked even for smb2.
  • Fix variable list in man vfs_crossrename.
  • Fix for the problem -- MacOSX 10.9 will not follow path-based DFS referrals handed out by Samba.

For complete list of changes, refer to the release notes.


Here are some important download links :

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