How to Schedule shutdown, restart, hibernate and log off Tasks in Linux

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Hello Linux Geeks, Have you ever felt a need for shutdown, restart, hibernate, log off or even custom task execution automatically on a schedule? If you say yes, then We have graphical tool ComplexShutdown doing this for us. It is more or less simple script, written in FPC, then rewritten in python. The main purpose of this tool is to turn off your computer after a specific time, but it's more complex: You can specify when to do what action with a lot of extra options. Everything is packed in a simple and intuitive graphical user interface.

By using ComplexShutdown you can schedule tasks, e.g. system shutdown after the expected time of the completion of your downloads to conserve battery power and to avoid staying up all night for the completion of certain tasks. You can also use this app to schedule command execution which is quite handy for performing tasks in your absence. For example, you may schedule the start up of an application at a specified timeframe (such as a backup application), so that it may start performing a task at a scheduled time. Some ISPs provide higher bandwidth at odd times of the day when you might require sleeping. Automating the launch of a Torrent client or auto shutdown can ensure a swift download while you are asleep.

Let's see how to install and get going with ComplexShutdown.

Install ComplexShutdown

Step 1. Open new terminal from launcher or just press Clt + Alt + T
Step 2. Use the below command to download the program's installation package:

wget -O complexshutdown.deb

Step 3. Now install the program with the command:

sudo dpkg -i complexshutdown.deb

Step 4. If required, install the program dependencies with the command:

sudo apt-get install -f

Once it is installed you can search ComplexShutdown in Unity dash and launch it.

ComplexShutdown is not complex at all. There are five main features of this.

1. Actions like shutdown, hibernate, log off, restart, standby or any custom command you want to perform
2. Time from now to perform specific action
3. Time After machine being idle to perform action
4. Specific day and time to perform action
5. Notification and sound for actions.

You will see the main window with options to schedule task, in which basically you need to configure what to perform and when to perform according to need.

On setting windows you can customize notification and options to lock screen after standby operation, you can set the time for the notification bubble to appear before the countdown is due.

This application is lacking only one feature. You can't schedule multiple tasks with different actions at a time. This is the downside of this program, Hope it will be addressed in the future.

Uninstall ComplexShutdown

Step 1. Open new terminal from launcher or just press Clt + Alt + T
Step 2. Use the below command to uninstall the ComplexShutdown package:

sudo apt-get remove complexshutdown


There are many ways to schedule shutdown in Ubuntu like EasyShutdown and kshutdown. But, ComplexShutdown comes with more options, and it can be useful if you need more actions than just shut down. Leave your feedback in the comment.

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