How to Setup iTOP (IT Operational Portal) on CentOS 7

iTOP is a simple, Open source web based IT Service Management tool. It has all of ITIL functionality that includes with Service desk, Configuration Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Service Management. iTop relays on Apache/IIS, MySQL and PHP, so it can run on any operating system supporting these applications. Since iTop is a web based application you don’t need to deploy any client software on each user’s PC. A simple web browser is enough to perform day to day operations of an IT environment with iTOP.

To install and configure iTOP we will be using CentOS 7 as base operating with basic LAMP Stack environment installed on it that will cover its almost all prerequisites.

Downloading iTOP

iTop download package is present on SourceForge, we can get its link from their official website link.

itop download

We will the download link from here and get this zipped file on server with wget command as below.

# wget

iTop Extensions and Web Setup

By using unzip command we will extract the downloaded packages in the document root directory of our apache web server in a new directory with name itop.

# ls
# unzip -d /var/www/html/itop/

List the folder to view installation packages in it.

# ls -lh /var/www/html/itop/
total 68K
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1.4K Dec 17 2014 INSTALL
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 35K Dec 17 2014 LICENSE
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 23K Dec 17 2014 README
drwxr-xr-x. 19 root root 4.0K Jul 14 13:10 web

Here is all the extensions that we can install.

# ls
authent-external itop-backup itop-config-mgmt itop-problem-mgmt itop-service-mgmt-provider itop-welcome-itil
authent-ldap itop-bridge-virtualization-storage itop-datacenter-mgmt itop-profiles-itil itop-sla-computation version.xml
authent-local itop-change-mgmt itop-endusers-devices itop-request-mgmt itop-storage-mgmt wizard-icons
installation.xml itop-change-mgmt-itil itop-incident-mgmt-itil itop-request-mgmt-itil itop-tickets
itop-attachments itop-config itop-knownerror-mgmt itop-service-mgmt itop-virtualization-mgmt

Now from the extracted web directory, moving through different data models we will migrate the required extensions from the datamodels into the web extensions directory of web document root directory with copy command.

# pwd
# cp -r itop-request-mgmt itop-service-mgmt itop-service-mgmt itop-config itop-change-mgmt /var/www/html/itop/web/extensions/

Installing iTop Web Interface

Most of our server side settings and configurations are done.Finally we need to complete its web interface installation process to finalize the setup.

Open your favorite web browser and access the WordPress web directory in your web browser using your server IP or FQDN like.


You will be redirected towards the web installation process for iTop. Let’s configure it as per your requirements like we did here in this tutorial.

Prerequisites Validation

At the stage you will be prompted for welcome screen with prerequisites validation ok. If you get some warning then you have to make resolve it by installing its prerequisites.

mcrypt missing

At this stage one optional package named php mcrypt will be missing. Download the following rpm package then try to install php mcrypt package.

# yum localinstall php-mcrypt-5.3.3-1.el6.x86_64.rpm libmcrypt-2.5.8-9.el6.x86_64.rpm.

After successful installation of php-mcrypt library we need to restart apache web service, then reload the web page and this time its prerequisites validation should be OK.

Install or Upgrade iTop

Here we will choose the fresh installation as we have not installed iTop previously on our server.

Install New iTop

iTop License Agreement

Chose the option to accept the terms of the licenses of all the components of iTop and click "NEXT".

License Agreement

Database Configuration

Here we the do Configuration of the database connection by giving our database servers credentials and then choose from the option to create new database as shown.

DB Connection

Administrator Account

In this step we will configure an Admin account by filling out its login details as.

Admin Account

Miscellaneous Parameters

Let's choose the additional parameters whether you want to install with demo contents or with fresh database and proceed forward.

Misc Parameters

iTop Configurations Management

The options below allow you to configure the type of elements that are to be managed inside iTop like all the base objects that are mandatory in the iTop CMDB, Manage Data Center devices, storage device and virtualization.

Conf Management

Service Management

Select from the choices that best describes the relationships between the services and the IT infrastructure in your IT environment. So we are choosing Service Management for Service Providers here.

Service Management

iTop Tickets Management

From the different available options we will Select the ITIL Compliant Tickets Management option to have different types of ticket for managing user requests and incidents.

Ticket Management

Change Management Options

Select the type of tickets you want to use in order to manage changes to the IT infrastructure from the available options. We are going to choose ITIL change management option here.

ITIL Change

iTop Extensions

In this section we can select the additional extensions to install or we can unchecked the ones that you want to skip.

iTop Extensions

Ready to Start Web Installation

Now we are ready to start installing the components that we choose in previous steps. We can also drop down these installation parameters to view our configuration from the drop down.

Once you are confirmed with the installation parameters click on the install button.

Installation Parameters

Let's wait for the progress bar to complete the installation process. It might takes few minutes to complete its installation process.

iTop Installation Process

iTop Installation Done

Our iTop installation setup is complete, just need to do a simple manual operation as shown and then click to enter iTop.

iTop Done

Welcome to iTop (IT Operational Portal)

itop welcome note

iTop Dashboard

You can manage configuration of everything from here Servers, computers, Contacts, Locations, Contracts, Network devices…. You can create your own. Just the fact, that the installed CMDB module is great which is an essential part of every bigger IT.

iTop Dashboard


ITOP is one of the best Open Source Service Desk solutions. We have successfully installed and configured it on our CentOS 7 cloud host. So, the most powerful aspect of iTop is the ease with which it can be customized via its “extensions”. Feel free to comment if you face any trouble during its setup.

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  1. Good morning

    I am new on itop installation and I am trying to install it for some tests, but I have a few inconvenients that I hope you can help me to solve.

    I installed it on Centos 7 in a VM, I installed all the prerequisites (Apache, php modules and Mysql) but when I'm in the Itop wizard it shows me the follow errors:

    1. The directory '/var/www/html/itop/log' exists but is not writable for the application.

    2. The directory '/var/www/html/itop/conf' exists but is not writable for the application.

    3. The directory '/var/www/html/itop/env-production' exists but is not writable for the application.

    4. The directory '/var/www/html/itop/data' exists but is not writable for the application.

    I have tried changing the permissions of www folder to 777 and changing owner and group of the same folder to apache and that did not solve anything.

    and for last:

    5. Missing PHP extension(s): dom.

    For the last one error I have tried installing php-xml module with the command yum install php-xml and then restarting httpd service but the error still appearing.

    Kindly need your help.
    Waiting for detailed guidelines.

    • Hello Eduard,

      Is your firewall and SELinux Enabled? If its enabled then it might be SELinux that is not permitting you to write on the mentioned directories. Please check your logs and share with us to better diagnose the issue.

      Thank you.

    • Hello Eduard,

      Problem 1 -4, please set the following ;

      Type setenforce Permissive to set the current SELinux status to ‘permissive’. I chose Permissive here, rather than disabled, because otherwise you might loose the security context on files and would you want to enable SELinux on some later point you’d need to re-label files which is difficult. Also edit the file /etc/selinux/config and set SELINUX=permissive. This will make sure after a reboot selinux will not be enabled.

      Problem 5 :
      sudo -y yum install php-dom
      service httpd restart

      Hope it may help you

    • Error loading module "itop-change-mgmt": Attempting to add a node that already exists: class (id: Change) - Loaded modules: authent-external,authent-ldap,authent-local,itop-attachments,itop-backup,itop-bridge-virtualization-storage,itop-config-mgmt,itop-config,itop-datacenter-mgmt,itop-endusers-devices,itop-profiles-itil,itop-sla-computation,itop-storage-mgmt,itop-tickets,itop-virtualization-mgmt,itop-welcome-itil,itop-change-mgmt-itil,itop-change-mgmt
      This is my problem

  2. during Installation i get at 20% the error

    Error loading module "itop-change-mgmt": Attempting to add a node that already exists: class (id: Change) - Loaded modules: core,application,authent-external,authent-ldap,authent-local,itop-attachments,itop-backup,itop-config-mgmt,itop-config,itop-datacenter-mgmt,itop-endusers-devices,itop-profiles-itil,itop-sla-computation,itop-storage-mgmt,itop-tickets,itop-virtualization-mgmt,itop-welcome-itil,itop-bridge-virtualization-storage,itop-change-mgmt-itil,itop-change-mgmt

    any idea?

  3. During Installation I get the following error messge

    Error - An exception occurred: Error loading module "itop-change-mgmt": Attempting to add a node that already exists: class (id: Change) - Loaded modules: authent-external,authent-ldap,authent
    itop-virtualization-mgmt,itop-welcome-itil,itop-change-mgmt-itil,itop-change-mgmt at line 520 in file /var/www/html/itop/web/setup/

    at ca. 20% of Progress
    this ist true for Version 2.2.0 and 2.1.0 of itop. Do you have any idea where to look?

  4. Mine has this error "No connection to the database..." on the page Database Configuration, does anyone know how to solve it? please help me!!


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