How to Install iRedMail Server on Ubuntu 14.04/15.04

Hello every one, today we will be doing iRedMail Server setup on Ubuntu 15.04 64-Bit Operating system which is the current stable supported version for iRedMail. iRedMail a full-featured Open Source mail server solution that supports all major Linux distributions to provide the same functionality of creating unlimited virtual mail accounts that supports POP3/IMAP and AJAX web mail. iRedMail is basically a bash program that installs the mail server relates software form their official repositories of Linux/BSD distributions.

So, if you are looking for a free email server then iRedMail is the best choice for you to setup by following simple steps in this article whether you are using Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution.

Setup Your Ubuntu Server

iRedMail Server needs to be setup on a fresh operating system with minimal package installation. So, make sure that your operating system is up to data with latest updates and security patches and no mail server related packages should be installed on it.

Let’s login to your Ubuntu 15.04 instance with root or sudo privileged user and run system update command as shown.

# apt-get update

Then open the hosts file and configure your server’s hostnames accordingly.

#vim /etc/hostname
#vim /etc/hosts iredmail

Download iRedMail Package

You can get the installation package from the official web link iRedMail Download Page or use the below shown wget command by following the download link.

# wget

iRedMail Download

Once your package download is complete extract it within the same directory using bellow command.

# tar xjf iRedMail-0.9.2.tar.bz2

Extract package

Start iRedMail Server Installation

We are ready to start iRedMail installation using its bash script, so let's change directory, give the executable permissions the bash script and run the shown command to start installation.

start script

Once you have executed the installation script you will be prompted to the welcome screen wizard, so click to "Yes" and proceed to configure next steps.

iRedMail Setup

Default Mail Storage

Here you can specify the path to store your mailboxes or simply use the default location and click to "NEXT" button for further steps.

iredmailbox location

Choose Web Server

iRedMail provides an opportunity to choose your desired web server whether you want to use Nginx or Apache, use the space button to choose press "NEXT".

iRedMail Web

Choose Database Server

Let's choose your favorite database form the different available options by iRedMail, here in this tutorial we will be using MySQL which one of the best open source data base.

iredmail db

After choosing the data base server you will be asked to setup your database administration password, so specify your MySQL root password and click on NExt button to proceed.

MySql db

Setup Virtual Domain

Choose your first virtual domain name that you want to setup in iRedMail server but it should different than server's hostname.

virtual domain

In the next you will be asked to configure the administrator password of your newly create virtual domain user, so type your passowrd and click the Next button.

admin user

Optional Components

In this section you can choose some of the optional components where as few of them are recommended, use the space button to select or deselect your optional components and click on the next button.

iredmail components

Finalize Configuration

We have almost with pre configurations setup for iRedMail setup, now type "y" to continue the installation process thas will take a while to install all components.

finalize Configurations

Once the installation process is complete you will be asked to use firewall rules provided by iRedMail, press "Y" if your firewall is enabled an then agai choose yes key to restart your firewall services as shown in below image.

iredmail setup

At the end of installation process you will be greeted with URLs of installed web applications including Webmail, user credentials and other links as shown below.

* URLs of installed web applications:
* - Webmail:
* o Roundcube webmail: httpS://
* o SOGo groupware: httpS://
* - Web admin panel (iRedAdmin): httpS://
* You can login to above links with same credential:
* o Username:
* o Password: *******
* Congratulations, mail server setup completed successfully. Please
* read below file for more information:
* - /root/iRedMail-0.9.2/
* And it's sent to your mail account
********************* WARNING **************************************
* Rebooting your system is required to enable mail services.

Now, as recommended above restart your operating system after that we will access its admin console.

# shutdown -r 0

Using iRedMail Web Admin Panel

When your Ubuntu server is back after reboot, open your web browser and access its web admin console with the above provided URL and put your login credentials.


iredmail login

After successful credentials you will be directed towards iRedMail Admin Control Panel where you will be able to add new domains, create users and check your system logs.

iRedMail Dashboard

Access Your Webmail

In the same provided with your user name and password open any of your webmail link to access your mails and start sending and receive your important emails.

Roundcube webmail: httpS://your_domain_name/mail/
SOGo groupware: httpS://your_domain_name/SOGo/

Sogo Webmail


Congratulations! we have successfully setup iRedMail Server in no time and without and hassle. So, if you looking for a free email solution for your company, organization or your personal use then go for iRedMail. It provides almost every feature that you wish to be available in your web mail. So, let's start using it and enjoy with with user friendly admin control panel and webmail. Don't hesitate to comment us if you feel any difficulty during its setup.

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