Arch Linux

umonitor - Update Resolutions of Monitors on Hotplugged in Linux

umonitor arch linux

This guide will cover installation and basic usage of umonitor on Linux. umonitor is a dynamic monitor management written in C and distributed as a single binary package.  The name dynamic monitor management means that the positions and resolutions of your screen monitors will [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

How to Install Packages on Arch Linux

Install packages archlinux

Arch Linux is one of the popular Desktop Operating systems. Its main pros revolve around large community and thousands of packages that can be installed on Arch Linux, both from official repositories and from AUR. In this guide, we will [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

How to Install Adobe Flash Player using Ubuntu Linux Terminal

Install adobe flash player linux

Adobe Flash player is a plugin that is integrated with your browser and allows a user to stream or watch videos e.g. on sites like YouTube. Nowadays, flash is not required in modern browsers like Google Chrome and has been [...]

Jamie Arthur 8:56 am

netctl - Setup Wifi and Static IP on Arch Linux

netctl wifi static ip arch linux

This guide will concentrate on how to setup wifi on Arch Linux using netctl command line tool. Netctl is a CLI-based tool used to configure and manage network connections via profiles on Arch Linux. This command should be provided by the base packages [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

How to Install and Use Pacaur on Arch Linux

Install Use Pacaur archlinux

In this guide, we're going to look at the installation and usage of Pacaur on Arch Linux. Pacaur is an AUR helper which aims at minimizing user prompts and interactions. It works with both official Arch repositories and AUR.  If [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

How to Remind Unplug a Charging Laptop on Arch Linux

remind unplug charger linux

You are always worried about over-charging your laptop when too busy on projects that you can't keep checking battery percentage?. It is always recommended to keep battery power between 40% and 80% to prolong its lifespan. There is no sure solution available to help [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:34 am

Termshot - Take Image Screenshot of Command Line Output

termshot command image

In this article, I'll show you how to turn a command line output in Linux into an image using Termshot. Termshot is Linux tool which turns a cli command's output into a screenshot including colors and interactive text. This is of [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

How to Setup ConkyMatic on Arch Linux

ConkyMatic Arch Linux

In this article, we're going to look at how to get ConkyMatic up and running Arch Linux. ConkyMatic is a Linux tool written in Bash to be used as an automatic color scheme changer for conky. It changes the color scheme [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

2 Methods to Install Yaourt on Arch Linux

install yaourt archlinux

YAOURT is short for Yet Another User Repository Tool. It is a tool for automatization of AUR package installation. Such a tool is needed to easily install user repository packages in Arch Linux and systems based on it, such as [...]

Alain Francois 12:05 am

How to Install LightDM Display Manager on Arch Linux

install lightdm arch

LightDM is a cross-platform X display manager that aims to be fast, extensible, lightweight and with support for multi-desktop. LightDM uses various front-ends to draw login interfaces, which are usually referred to as LightDM greeters. It was written by Robert Ancell and [...]

Josphat Mutai 12:05 am

How to Remove UnWanted Cached Packages on Arch Linux

Remove UnWanted Cached Packages

In this guide on How to Remove Cached Packages on Arch not needed using Pacman, I'll show you the steps taken to remove orphaned packages that are usually cached on Arch.  The Pacman package manager is one of the major distinguishing features [...]

Josphat Mutai 8:40 am

How to Install and Configure TigerVNC on Arch Linux

Configure tigervnc Arch

TigerVNC is an application that allows users to be able to interact with graphical applications on remote machines. TigerVNC is an implementation of Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which utilizes a client/server model.The level of performance provided by TigerVNC is capable [...]

Josphat Mutai 1:44 am

Beginners Guide For Arch Linux Installation

arch linux installation guide

Arch Linux is an independent project behind a so-called GNU Linux distribution for the i686 (arch end support in November 2017) and X86-64 platforms. The first official version was released March 11, 2002, named Arch Linux 0.1. This distribution is presented [...]

Alain Francois 4:24 am

How to Create Bootable Arch Linux on USB Drive

Arch Linux bootable USB

This article explains how to create an Arch Linux bootable USB thumb drive. It will allow you to install the OS on a PC, or simply test it in Live mode. The following methods will also work for any other [...]

Ivo Ursino 12:05 am