How to Setup CockroachDB Cluster on Linux

cockroachdb cluster

CockroachDB is an open-source project which is designed to be scalable and resilient to failure. Best features of RDBMS and NoSQL are combined together in this product. You can start using CockroachDB from a single node and add more nodes [...]

Pavlo Maiorchyk 2:00 am

How to Run Docker Container on CoreOS etcd Cluster

browser 'ping' endpoint

CoreOS is a new exciting operating system, designed with cluster concepts in mind, mainly, security and high-availability needs. Actually, CoreOS means three things, is the name of the company behind the OS, the name of the OS itself and the [...]

Mohamed Ez Ez 3:00 am

How to Setup Single Node Hadoop Cluster Using Docker

In this article, I will show you how to setup a single node hadoop cluster using Docker. Before I start with the setup, let me briefly remind you what Docker and Hadoop are. Docker is a software containerization platform where [...]

Linoxide 3:00 am

How to Configure Mariadb Maxscale Master-Slave with Galera Cluster

Mariadb Maxscale Master Slave Cluster

In this article we will install MariaDB galera cluster with MaxScale proxy database by MariaDB corporation. MaxScale is inteligent proxy database that can route database statements from cluster to one server. But unlike HAproxy, MaxScale uses asynchronius I/O of the [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 3:00 am

How to Setup Percona Cluster with HAproxy Loadbalancer on CentOS 7

We earlier shown how to setup MariaDB Galera cluster with HAproxy, and today we will do the similar setup with Percona's distribution of MySQL. Percona is the company that has deep expertise with MySQL and MongoDB, and they make their own [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 3:00 am

How to Setup MariaDB Galera Cluster with HAproxy on CentOS 7

MariaDB galera cluster HAproxy

In todays article we will install MariaDB Galera cluster with HAproxy for load balanced MariaDB and wordpress. Galera is active-active clustering technology, meaning that it can support writes on all nodes which are then replicated across cluster. There is also [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 3:00 am

How to Setup Hadoop Multi-Node Cluster on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will learn how to setup a multi-node hadoop cluster on Ubuntu 16.04. A hadoop cluster which has more than 1 datanode is a multi-node hadoop cluster, hence, the goal of this tutorial is to get 2 [...]

Linoxide 3:00 am

How To Create Ceph Storage Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

Ceph is one of the most exciting open source storage technologies to come out in recent years. Scalable to exabytes, and extendable to multiple datacenters, the Ceph developers have made it easy for System Administrators and Infrastructure Architects to deploy [...]

Ludwig Tirazona 3:00 am

How To Configure Single-Node Ceph Cluster To Run Properly

Ceph is designed to be a fault-tolerant, scalable storage system. This means that in a production environment, it is expected that at a minimum, there will be three Ceph nodes in a cluster. If you can only afford a single [...]

Ludwig Tirazona 3:00 am

How to Run Single-Node Cassandra Cluster in Ubuntu 16.04

Apache Cassandra is a open source distributed, high performance, extremely scalable and fault tolerant post-relational database solution. It can serve as both real-time data store for online/transactional applications, and as read-intensive database for business intelligence systems. Relational DB Vs Cassandra Relational [...]

Saheetha Shameer 3:00 am

Howto Setup Open Grid Engine Cluster using Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04

sge master

Hi All, In today’s article we will talk about the Open Grid Scheduler/ Grid Engine and will show you its installation process and some steps to easily setup your Grid Engine Cluster on Ubuntu 15.04. Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine is [...]

Kashif Siddique 3:00 am

How to Provision Swarm Clusters using Docker Machine

Docker Machine Swarm Nodes

Hi all, today we'll learn how we can deploy Swarm Clusters using Docker Machine.  It serves the standard Docker API, so any tool which can communicate with a Docker daemon can use Swarm to transparently scale to multiple hosts. Docker Machine is an [...]

Arun Pyasi 3:00 am

How to Configure Swarm Native Clustering for Docker

Creating Swarm Cluster

Hi everyone, today we'll learn about Swarm and how we can create native clusters using Docker with Swarm. Docker Swarm is a native clustering program for Docker which turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single virtual host. Swarm serves the [...]

Arun Pyasi 3:00 am

ClusterSSH - Manage multiple ssh session at the same Time

ClusterSSH in action

Most of server administrator run SSH for maintaining his servers. When he manages a lot of servers, then he may need to open multiple SSH sessions. If the maintenance activity is using the same commands on each server, typing commands [...]

Pungki Arianto 3:00 am