How to Use Eddy to Install Debian Packages on Elementary OS

install eddy package manager

Eddy is a simple Debian package management GUI tool in Elementary OS that allows installation of Debian packages by dragging and dropping  Debian files onto a GUI window. The tool can be installed straight from App Center platform or installed from [...]

Jamie Arthur 12:05 am

How to Take Screenshots Using Shots on Elementary OS and Ubuntu

In this article we are going to introduce a node.js and electron based application called shots, which is used to take screenshots on linux desktop. This package offers quite few more features compared to Ubuntu's built in screenshot tool. So lets [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 3:00 am

24 Things To Do After Installing Elementary OS Loki

If you followed our guide for installing Elementary OS, next thing you want to know is what to install to actually make your Elementary install usable. We have made a neat video for that, but what if you want to [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 11:46 am

Install Elementary Loki 0.4 from USB with Dual Boot on Windows 10

New elementary OS loki is out. In this article we will show how to install Elementary os Loki in dual boot with Windows. Elementary OS is very neat distribution which aims to offer alternative to Windows and macOS and bring [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 11:35 pm

How Install Elementary OS 0.3 Freya and Customize Desktop


Elementary OS is a light weight Ubuntu based operating system which is getting wide spread popularity. It has three versions released to date whereas fourth version is decided to be developed based on upcoming Ubuntu 16.04. Jupiter (0.1): It was [...]

Aun Raza 11:56 am