Cipher - Command Line Tool to Encrypt/Decrypt Files and Directories

cipher encrypt file linux

ss you take some security measures to protect your environment and encrypt your data. Linux offers some encryption methods and there are some tools which can help you to encrypt your data. Encryption is important when you need to communicate sensitive information [...]

Alain Francois 2:00 am

GPG Command Linux: Examples To Encrypt And Decrypt File In Linux

GPG Encrption

GPG is an encryption and a signing tool for Linux/Unix-like operating system. Using GPG, you can encrypt and decrypt files with a password. Basically GPG uses a pair of keys such as public key and private key. Data encrypted with one key can only [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 7:33 am

How to Encrypt/Decrypt and Signing using GPG Command in Linux

There is no absolute security on the internet or through a network. Because our equipment are regularly connected on the internet and there is some communication, we need to protect the criticals information we exchange. Encryption will be a welcome [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 8:41 pm