How to Recover Deleted File Using ext3grep on Ubuntu

Recover deleted files ext3grep

Sometimes, especially on the command line, it happens that you delete a file or directory unintentionally. Ext3grep is a solution to recover deleted files. Ext3grep fetches information from the file system journal for recovering the deleted files or directory. Ext3grep can recover [...]

Yash Vasa 12:05 am

Fix Grub Filesystem Type Unknown Error On Centos / Redhat

Install GrubGrub Issue

LINUX TROUBLESHOOTING GRUB is GRand Unified Bootloader, the default bootloader for Linux kernel based Operating Systems. If you have a dual boot system, like Windows and Linux, then you may have some issues with GRUB. If you install Windows after [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 6:41 pm

Need For Filesystem Check / Repair ( fsck ) On Linux

Fsck Mount Filesystem

Why fsck? Any Linux user must have experienced file corruptions and booting failures at least once in their life. Being an I.T professional for many years, I have encountered this problem many times. Linux comes with a handy command called 'fsck' to [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 8:28 am

How to Create Partition in Linux using fdisk Tool


Fdisk is command-line utility that provides disk partitioning functions for various operating systems. It was originally developed by IBM in 1983 and since then it was used on most operating systems from DOS to Windows and to Unix-based systems. Using fdisk [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 9:09 pm