How to Remove Old kernel Versions from Boot on Ubuntu 18.04

Remove Old Kernel Versions Boot-Menu

Canonical provides regular updates for Ubuntu 18.04 system including kernel updates to manage the system’s resources as best as possible. This article will provide you some different methods to remove old kernels from the boot menu of your Ubuntu 18.04. When [...]

Alain Francois 2:46 am

Install and Update Redhat Kernel RPM

Kernel Linux

Kernel is the central component of an Operating System which is responsible for memory, process, and task and disk management. The first thing you need to think about updating a kernel is that “why do you need a kernel update”. [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 8:52 pm

Linux Kernel Parameters for Oracle Installation

Installing oracle in a Linux box requires several requirements and modifications to your kernel. I will show you the requirements to install ORACLE 11g on centos 6.2. To make it complete, I am going to show other requirements also. Hardware [...]

jomos 5:47 pm

How to Use /etc/sysctl.conf for Linux Kernel Security Hardening

Sysctl is a powerful Linux command which acts as an interface to dynamically change the kernel parameters. With the help of this command, you can modify the kernel parameters without recompiling the kernel or rebooting the machine. The parameters available [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 9:37 am

How to List/Load/Unload Linux Kernel Module

Linux is a monolithic kernel. A monolithic kernel is a kernel architecture in which all the services of process management, filesystem management, I/O and device management run in the kernel space, i.e. the kernel is responsible for handling these services. [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 12:21 pm

What is /proc Filesystem in Linux

The Linux /proc filesystem was developed to provide information about the processes in a system. But many elements of the filesystem are used by the kernel to get information and also to enable dynamic runtime configuration. The /proc filesystem contains [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 7:58 pm