Partition Table

Fdisk Commands - Manage Partitions in Linux

On Linux distributions, fdisk is the best tool to manage disk partitions. fdisk is a text based utility. Using fdisk you can create a new partition, delete an existing partition, or change existing partition. Using fdisk you are allowed to [...]

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GPT - How to Partition Large Size Disk in Linux

GPT Scheme

The GUID Partition Table (GPT) is a new table layout on physical disk which has proposed by Intel due to the limitations of the previous MBR (Master Boot Record). Before learning GPT, it is worth mentioning the MBR and its [...]

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How to Create Partition using Parted in Linux

Linux Partition Larger Than 2tb

Parted is a GNU utility and is used to create, manipulate and delete the hard disk partitions. You can even clone partitions. There are other utilities available in Linux, such as fdisk, for performing disk related operations. But frankly speaking, it is [...]

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How to Fix if Partition Table Entries not in Disk Order

The suggestion given below can help if your partition table is not in a proper disk order. From linux fdisk (fdsik /dev/), choose the advanced menu (by pressing x, afaik), then choose the entry for correcting partition ordering (press 'm' anytime [...]

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