Symbolic Link

How to Create Symbolic Link for Files and Folders in Linux

Linux Soft Link

Symbolic link or soft link is a special type of file that contains a reference, which points to another file or directory. It is supported on almost all Linux distributions. Although it points to their target, they operate independently of [...]

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How to Remove Symbolic Link in Linux with Example

Symbolic links or Soft links work like pointers to another file. Note that there is only one copy of the actual file on the hard disk and in this way you can save valuable hard disk space by simply creating [...]

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Difference Between Soft Link and Hard Link in Linux with Examples

hard soft link difference linux

Hard Link acts like a mirror copy of the original file. These links share the same inodes. Changes made to the original or hard linked file will reflect in the other. When you delete Hard Link nothing will happen to the [...]

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