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How to Synchronize Directories Using Lsyncd in Linux

Use Lsyncd Linux

In this article, I'll explain how to install Lsyncd(Live Syncing Mirror Daemon) on Linux systems and how to synchronize remote and local directories in Linux.  Lsyncd is a light-weight live mirror solution that is comparatively easy to install without hampering existing [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 2:00 am

S4 - Command Line Tool to Sync Local Files with Amazon S3

S4 sync file aws s3

S4, short for Simple Storage Solution Syncer, is a free and open source tool for synchronizing your files to Amazon S3 service which works from Linux command line. It works in tandem with S3 and works just like proprietary solutions like [...]

Jamie Arthur 12:05 am

DriveSync - Sync Local Files with Google Drive from Linux CLI

sync files google drive

DriveSync is a command line utility that synchronizes the local files in your computer with Google Drive. It provides a simple and efficient method to keep your files organized and backup them to be accessed remotely. Features Download remote files [...]

Ivo Ursino 9:15 am

How to Install "mirror" for Real Time and Two Way Sync

mirror two way sync

As a computer programmer, It must have happened many times that you need a system or tool that sync two directories in real time and two way. We will go through one such tool mirror in this article. It is [...]

Pradip Sakhavala 2:00 am

How To Synchronize Files / Folders Using FreeFileSync on Ubuntu

Sync Completed

We are living in the area of cloud computing where lot of free services are available that let us sync our important data for the sake of backup to the remote cloud storage. But what if we do not want [...]

Aun Raza 4:30 am

How To Synchronize Directories using Syncthing on Ubuntu 16.04

Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it's transmitted [...]

Nyah Check 3:00 am

How to Sync Files and Directories to AWS S3 using s3cmd Tool

Today we will show how to backup your data to Amazon Web Services. We will use s3cmd, a command line client for Amazon s3 storage. It enables you to create manage and delete buckets from your terminal and to load [...]

Mihajlo Milenovic 3:00 am

How to Install and Setup MEGA Sync Client for Cloud in Linux

MEGA Sync Client

Hi everyone, today we'll learn how to install and setup MEGASync Client for Cloud in Linux based Operating System. MEGA is a cloud hosting and file hosting company which is based on New Zealand founded by Kim Dotcom . Mega features all [...]

Arun Pyasi 3:00 am

Linux Shell Script to Sync Directories Interactively

rsync shell script

This script will sync two directories between two servers. Basically we are using rsync features to run this program. Script will interactively request to input below details. 1) Remote server name or ip 2) Remote system user name 3) Local directory [...]

Bobbin Zachariah 4:35 am