Automate your Computer Power Off with KShutdown

In this article you will learn how to use KShutdown a graphical shut down utility made by Konrad Twardowski. KShutdown comes packaged with several options to help you time several tasks on your Linux box. If you do not like the command line then this is the perfect tool for you. For the command line enthusiast this is the tool for you when you do just want to do a shut down with graphical user interface, and without having to be root.

Install KShutdown In Fedora

To install in Fedora type the following command on the terminal.

$ sudo yum install kshutdown

Install KShutdown In Ubuntu

For Ubuntu users, type the following command on the terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install kshutdown

Actions Available

KShutdown comes with the following actions

  • Turning Off Computer
  • Restarting Computer
  • Hibernate Computer
  • Suspend Computer
  • Lock Screen
  • Logout
  • Testing Action

Each of these actions can be done by selecting a time or an event for which you want them to be carried out.The testing option does nothing and you can use it test whether the selected time or event is available and to simulate how it would work.

Time Or Event To Prompt Actions

The following time or events can be used to trigger any of the above actions based on your preference.

  • No Delay
  • Time From Now
  • At Date/Time
  • When selected application exit
  • On User Inactivity

The “At Date/Time” option allows you to perform an action at a day in future. This may be useful if you have a task that you estimate will take several day and you want to take a vacation. Say you want to hibernate your computer after several days of compiling a really huge program from source.

Hibernate At Date

The No delay option allows you to perform an action immediately you press the OK button at the bottom of the window. For example you may choose to turn off your computer with no delay. When you press OK the computer will turn off immediately. Be sure to save your work before trying this one!

Turn Off  With No Delay

Alternatively you may want to lock your screen when you exit from your favourite terminal emulator. Select the “When selected application exit” option and select the application from the listed ones. The application will have its name and also the process ID. Press OK to activate your setting and KShutdown will be watching for that process to exit.

Lock Screen on Application Exit

Note that if the selected process or application exits before you press the OK button then the action may not be performed. Therefore ensure you press the refresh button to confirm the process you selected is still running.
KShutdown also allows you to stop an application when a certain event occurs or after some specified time. For example you may want to stop VLC media player after an hour when you are watching a particularly long video.

Extras Stop VLC

With KShutdown the sky is the limit, try it and may be it is the tool you have been looking for all along.

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