Fedora 20 Is Now Available In Beta Release

fedora 20 beta

The Fedora Project Team has announced the release of Fedora 20, code-named "Heisenburg". This open source linux distribution which is released every six month invites every linux enthusiast to try the beta release and experiment with it. These tests help in identifying new or undiscovered bugs so the development team can make the right fixes before distribute the distro to a wider audience.I higly recommend every linux user to give a try to this beta release because it is vital to for creating a 'perfect' operating system.

Did you know that the date of this beta release coincides with the 10th Anniversary of the first official Fedora release? The first Fedora distro was released on Nov. 6, 2003, under the name Fedora Core 1.

What is new in this release of Fedora?

Developer Goodies

Lets start with some goodies for developers. Fedora 20 comes with many new features and updated packages, it includes Ruby on Rails 4.0 and Perl 5.18. It is very important to inform readers about the importance of supporting developers. Fedora supports developers and I am sure it does it very well. Ruby on Rails 4.0 offers many new features, better modularization, improved functionality, speed and security which is very important nowadays.

ARM Is Now A Primary Architecture

The ARM architecture is performing very well lately and it is clear as water that it is dominating the mobile market.The Fedora developement team is making ARM a primary architecture and is coming in help to developers targeting the smartphone market.

Cloud and Virtualization Improvements

Fedora is supporting alot technologies used in cloud computing and with this new release working with virtualization and cloud computing will be much easier. Are you using a public or private cloud? If yes you should definitely give a try to the beta images.

NetworkManager Improvements

I believe that power users and system administrators will like very much the several improvements done with NetworkManager in this beta release of Fedora 20. The fact that NetworkManager is also getting support for bonding interfaces and bridging interfaces should make them happy. Are you the type of computer geek that prefers the commandline tools over gui ones? Good,you can now use the nmcli command line tool to de-activate network
connections. You can also use the nmcli tool to add, remove edit or activate network connections.

Download Links

Following is a list of download links for all different Fedora 20 flavours:

    Fedora 20 Beta GNOME 32 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta GNOME 64 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta KDE 32 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta KDE 64 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta XFCE 32 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta XFCE 64 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta LXDE 32 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta LXDE 64 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta Mate 32 bit
    Fedora 20 Beta Mate 64 bit
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