How to Dual Boot Linpus Lite 2.1 with Ubuntu

Linpus is a Linux distribution based on Fedora and owned by Linpus Technologies, a Taiwanese company. Linpus Lite 2.1 boots faster then most Linux distributions by a few seconds and ships with HTML 5 app launcher. It has Cinnamon as the default desktop environment and is well customized for touch screens. To get a copy of Linpus you can download it here. However, it is only for 64 bit CPU, therefore if you have a 32 bit CPU, it will not work.

Make Bootable Drive

To begin installation burn the ISO to a DVD or use UNetbootin, to make a bootable USB drive. Once you have your bootable drive ready it is time to install Linpus Lite 2.1. Restart your computer and press function key F9 for HP or F12 for DELL depending on the make of your computer to go to BIOS and choose the appropriate boot device. Linpus will now start in live mode.

Start Installation

Step 1: Select the Language and read the End User license Agreement and click Next.

Linpus EULA
Step 2: Choose the hard disk where to install Linpus. Here you will have three options; Using all the space, Using free space on the hard disk or creating a custom layout. If you are dual booting, it is best to create a custom layout.

Create Custom Layout

Step 3: From the list of devices select an ext4 partition and select the mount point / . This is where root partition will be installed.
Partition Tool Make Root Partition

Step 4: Select a partition for the swap space. The swap space is essential if you are to need the hibernate feature.

Partition Tool Make Swap

Step 5: A prompt to format the selected partition is presented to you. Confirm in this stage whether you have selected the appropriate partition to avoid losing your data. Click format and the installation will begin after formatting is complete.

Format Selected  Partitions

Step 6: Package installation will begin as you create an account for your user as well as setting the root password. Select your keyboard type here also and then click Next.

Set User Details

Step 7: Set Time Zone by clicking on your city on the global map and click Next.

Set Time Zone

Step 8: After setting you time zone, Set Country or Region by clicking on your city on the global map and click Done. All your details will be set, as you wait for the installation to complete.

Set Country Or Region

Step 9: Wait for package installation to complete as Linpus slide show plays along. During this time the package installer will install the bootloader and run the post installation scripts.

Package Installation

Step 10: After the installation is complete you will get a success message with the information about your computer. Click Reboot and then remove your installation media, and login to your Linpus installation.
Installation Complete

Features of Linpus

Linpus comes with a drop down menu with a list of applications and widgets too. On the right hand side you will find several widgets for example the clock and weather widgets.

Application List

Application Center

Linpus also comes with an application center where you can download your favourite application.
Linpus Application Center


Icon Mode and On Screen Keyboard

If you have a touch screen then Linpus icon mode and on screen keyboard is most suitable for you.

On Screen Keyboard and Icon Mode
Go to the top right corner and enable Icon Mode.
Set Icon Mode


Cinnamon Desktop Environment

The Cinnamon desktop environment enables you to have multiple desktops and organise your work sytematically.
Cinnamon Desktop Environment


Smart Connect

With Linpus smart connect you can set when your mail application will be active, and help you save on power. Smart connect can also retrieve for you mail in sleep mode.

Smart Connect
Linpus Lite 2.1 has many more features, which you can explore as you take a cup of coffee.

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