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Nexus running on Genymotion

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy an android device or a smartphone, but everyone can use for free the android emulator software. The android emulator software can be used by developers or normal users for testing applications without using a physical device. It can also be useful for gamers and salesman. You can read more about the android emulator here.

Would you like to play your favourite android games in your linux machine?

Let me introduce you to the genymotion, a simple and practical tool for running android apps in a virtual environment. It has more than 10 virtual devices, this makes genymotion very useful for developers that want to want to test their app in different android devices before launching it to the market for people to download and install.

Figure 0

If I had to describe the genymotion tool in three or four words I would say, "poweful", "easy to use", "install and "run". It is the perfect android emulator for testing all features of your app because it supports many sensors and more will be supported in the future.

According to the Genymotion official website more sensors will be included in the future releases such as Battery, Gyroscope, Light, Temperature and Rotation Vector.

What about networking?

wifi connection

Wifi Connection

Genymotion android emulator supports Wifi and GPS. During my test the internet speed was the same as the one I have on my local machine and this made googling very easy and fast.

Googling on the android virtual device

Figure 1

Internet test on the android virtual device

Figure 2

You will be able to watch videos and listen to music without the need of any third party application, just a browser and you are ready to go, but in my case the sound quality was horrible. I was not able to understand anything from the video i was watching. Maybe is the hardware, maybe the software or something else. To be honest with you guys I don't know how to explain it, if the sound quality is pretty bad for me it does not mean it will be the same for you so feel free to give it a try.

Figure 3

I tried for the second time, but all i listened was some horrible noise. I would love to see a fix or a tip about the sound quality in the in Genymotion android device emulator, so if you guys do some testing and the sound works great for you feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

The GPS widget works very good and it also offers a map service where you can find the exact location you are looking for. A search bar is used to take your input.

testing the gps service

Figure 4

Mapping service

Figure 5

The internet connection was not the only one that surprised me in the virtual android device running on Genymotion, but the camera too which can be launched from the Camera widget (CTRL+3). I took two screenshots in the dark and the quality was very nice.

Camera test

Figure 6

In order to save the battery of your android device you need to turn the camera off.

camera widget

Figure 7

There is also a battery widget which is very useful to developers. Does your app correctly handle a low battery device? If you are an android app developer, this battery widget on Genymotion will be very useful to you.


Figure 8

The File Manager works like a charm. It is very fast, the speed of file navigation is really amazing and it feels like you are running android on a physical device.

File manager in android device

Figure 9

It is time for the stuff that everyone likes! I played a couple of android games in my virtual nexus and i was surprised, i played them without lag and with a very high sound quality. So amazing!!!

playing a game in the virtual android device

Figure 10

playing a game in the virtual android device

Figure 11

Android gamers will like the fact that the games run very smooth in the Genymotion android emulator, they can play their computers and have a great gaming experience. No lags, great sound quality! . I am amazed by the graphics!

I think you guys will look for Google Play Store when trying to download and install your favourite app, but unfortunately there is not one yet. It was included with the Genymotion 2.0 release but it was removed due to the licensing issues. Maybe we will have Google Apps in the future, I hope so!

What is the conclusion of this testing?

  1. Genymotion Software: lightweight, feature rich, simple interface, very easy to use
  2. Sound Quality from Youtube while listening to songs: horrible
  3. Internet Connection: Great
  4. Camera: works like a charm, great image quality
  5. Gaming: all the games i have tested run without lag and great sound quality
  6. GPS: nice
  7. File Manager: Very fast, stable

Do you like to give a try to Genymotion? Nice, I will share with you guys how to install Genymotion in your linux machine in the second part.

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