Super Fast GetJet Download Manager For Ubuntu / Debian

A download manager allows you to download files via http or ftp protocol. It provides many other features such as pausing and resuming downloads. A number of download managers are available for Microsoft Windows operating system, such as IDM, Orbit etc. But is there any alternative for such download manager for Linux? This article is about the GetJET download manager.


The GetJET is available for download from the Cylon Linux website (Update Dec 2017: File is not available on the website, we will place link once deb file is available). For now, It is available for Ubuntu (or Debian) based Linux only, because you can download only .deb file. Before installing, you need some other packages. Run these commands for downloading these packages:

First, add the following PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nemh/gambas3

Perform an update

sudo apt-get update

Install gambas

sudo apt-get install gambas3-runtime

Now download the GetJet deb file. Open terminal and change directory to the one containing this package.

Install GetJet with the following command

$ sudo dpkg -i GetJET_2.0.5.deb
Selecting previously unselected package getjet.
(Reading database ... 210256 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking getjet (from GetJET_2.0.5.deb) ...
Setting up getjet (2.0.5) ...
Processing triggers for gnome-menus ...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...

Or if you have GDebi Package installer installed in your Linux distro, you can just double click the package to open in package manager (GDebi)


GetJET is a download accelerator and a download manager for Linux. It uses multiple connections to download a file from a source. It fully supports pausing and resuming your downloads. It can also associate with Firefox Web Browser and take over the download.

The key features according to Cylon official website are

# Accelerate downloads using multiple connections on the source
# Pause-resume capable downloading
# Firefox Integration & streaming video download (Go to Options > Associate Browsers)
# Automated shutdown after downloading
# Speed control
# Clear download management
# Incredibly user friendly!

To run GetJet, open run (alt+f2) and type in "getjet_downloads.gambas". It is available under Applications -> Internet -> GetJET. If using unity, it’s as easy as typing 'getjet' to search for it.


To start a download, copy the download link to clipboard and press the plus (+) button. It will automatically start downloading the file.

GetJet Downloading

To integrate GetJet with Firefox, click options and press the button 'Make Web Browsers use GetJET'.

Install the add-on by clicking install now. With browser integration, you can use it with firefox. All the firefox downloads will be through GetJET.

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    1. I have checked cylonlinux site and seems they removed deb file. Not sure whether they maintain it anymore. Sorry for that. Lets us know if you find it :-)