Install Archey Tool in Ubuntu to Display System information in Terminal

Do you like to display system information in your terminal by using only one simple tool? Have you ever used Archey?

Archey is a python script that can be used to display system info for Linux distributions such as Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Crunchbang and Fedora. If you know python and love to understand how does this tool work, you can read the source code. As far as I can understand from the Archey's code I can tell that it gives the user information about:

  1. hostname
  2. os
  3. kernel
  4. uptime
  5. window manager
  6. desktop environment
  7. shell
  8. terminal
  9. packages
  10. cpu
  11. ram
  12. disk

Now it is time to download and install Archey 0.2.8.deb. I know you guys like nice tools, so let's go and try it. Follow each one of the following instructions to install Archey in your Ubuntu/Debian machine.

1. Open a new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T ) and download archey-0.2.8.deb — Package for Debian/Ubuntu with the following command.

$ sudo wget

2. Install dependencies with the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install scrot lsb-release

3. Install Archey with the dpkg command

$ sudo dpkg -i archey-0.2.8.deb

how to install the latest archey tool in ubuntu and debian

how to install the latest archey tool in ubuntu and debian

After the installation is finished run Archey with the following command.


how to install the latest archey tool in ubuntu and debian

Oltjano Terpollari 1:00 pm


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  1. dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of archey:
    archey depends on python; however:
    Package python is not installed.

    I suspect that having python3 as default might be causing an issue here. Thoughts?