Install Cinnamon 2.0 on Ubuntu

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cinnamon desktop ubuntu

Cinnamon is the desktop environment forked from gnome shell, developed by Linux Mint team. The GNOME 3's new interface gnome shell did not recieve much acceptance from Linux users as expected. The Ubuntu developers tried making some modifications to the GNOME shell to provide Unity. But many users have stuck with gnome-clasic. The Cinnamon desktop provides feel of classic desktop but wiwth all new features of GNOME Shell. Cinnamon 2.0 provides many features like edge-tilting, edge-snapping, better user management, sound effects, window manager improvements, system-tray support for file-operaations, better compatibility and portability.

So, enough of chit-chat, how do we install Cinnamon 2.0 in Ubuntu?

Cinnamon installation

Cinnamon installation is quiet easy. First of all, open your terminal and add the ppa repository with add-apt-repository.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable

Enter the password when prompted. Now update your apt-cache with

sudo apt-get update

Install cinnamon

sudo apt-get install -y cinnamon

That's it. Easy enough. Your new desktop environment is ready. Just log out and chose your new desktop from login manager.

install cinnamon desktop ubuntu


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