How to Install Blog Publishing Application Dotclear on Ubuntu 15.04

Dotclear is an open source, free, blog publishing application. It is written in PHP and strongly adopts all important aspects of any well structured open source solution. It is multilingual, web based system and offers a user friendly administration panel. Here are some of the noteworthy features  of this application.

  • Even if you don’t have advanced knowledge for CSS or HTM, You can still easily customize its themes to your liking.
  • It comes with awesome media management feature, you can  perform all important operations on your media files and it lets you include media files from external sources  as well.
  • It comes with flexible comments management system and a builtin anti-spam filter to fight spam comments more effectively.
  • A single Dotclear installation natively allows you to create multiple blogs.
  • It is a multi-user system, you can create as many users as you like and can assign them proper permissions.
  • It lets you add pages independent of the entry flow. In this way you have more control over the flow of your web blog.
  • You can extend and customize the functionality and design of your blog using freely available themes and plugins.
  • It is a fast regardless of the amount of data stored in database. It is security and performance focused system.
  • It comes with advanced features like Full Unicode Support, Syndication Feeds, and XML/RPC support.
  • It is naturally optimized for search engines and importing/exporting your blog data is pretty straight forward.

Installing Dotclear on Ubuntu 15.04

Let’s see how we can install this blog publishing system on Ubuntu operating system. As pre-requisite, it requires Apache, PHP5, and MySQL server to be installed on our ubuntu system. If you already have Apache, MySQL and PHP installed on your system, you can skip this step, otherwise launch your system terminal and run following command to install Lamp-server on your ubuntu system.

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

During the installation process, it will launch a pop up to specify root password for your mysql installation, note down the password you set here as it will be used later when installing Dotclear.

MySQL Install

Once the installation for Lamp-server is complete, start apache web server.

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start

Launch your browser and load: http://localhost, it should display the following page.


It is the point where we should be creating a database for dotclear. Login to your Mysql installation and run following command to create database.


The following screenshot should depict the whole process.


Our Ubuntu system is all set to install Dotclear now. Run following command to change your current working directory to apache document root.

cd /var/www/html

Here download Dotclear by using the following command:

sudo wget

Run following command to extract the downloaded file.

tar -xvzf latest.tar.gz

Rest of the installation process is web based, point your web browser to http://localhost/dotclear , it will start the web based installation wizard. On the very first step, specify your database credentials(DB hostname should be “localhost”, password and DB name are the ones we created earlier). Click “Continue” to take installation to the next level.

DotClear install wizard

Specify your this new installation’s username and password here. It will be administrator login details for your Dotclear installation.

DotClear User

That’s it, installation is complete now. It will list all important URLs on this congratulation page.

DotClear Login

Click “Manage your blog now” to start managing your blog. This is the main screen for your administration interface for this publishing system.

DotClear Main Interface


It is a feature rich, high quality, easy to install web system. It provides easy publication, easy administration, and flexible system to manage your multiple blogs from a single place. This tool is gaining popularity with the passage of time. It comes with all mandatory and enhanced options to run your blogs effectively.

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