How to Install Firefox 37 On Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora

Mozilla Firefox is a well known cross platform, lightweight and free web browser. According to the Mozilla “half a billion people around the world” use this web browser. Its undoubtedly one the best web browsers on the planet and satisfies the needs for normal internet users as well as thorough professionals. It’s popular browser for Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and Android. Firefox 37 is the latest Firefox version released on March 31 2015. We will review its noteworthy features and Installation steps in the article.


Firefox 37 is equipped with many new features, and the prominent features of this release are:

  • New Heartbeat user feedback feature has been added; it asks users for feedback about their browser experience and lets users easily send feedback to Mozilla about Firefox.
  • Important Bing search enhancement added. Bing can now use HTTPS for secure browsing using Firefox.
  • Improved download performance for Android devices
  • Disabled insecure TLS fallback
  • Improvements in SSL error reporting
  • Improved features against site impersonation
  • Added new feature for e-mail name constraints in certificates
  • Includes HTML5 playback improvements on YouTube.
  • Media Source Extensions (MSE) API have been used for YouTube playback.
  • Yandex has been configured as default search provider for the Turkish locale
  • Improvement in security options including Security Panel, Hello Chat, certificate and TLS communication enhancements
  • New features for developer, including Debugger Panel.
  • Weak ciphers text logging in web console
  • Enhancements to IndexedDB developers APIs

Install Firefox 37 on CentOS 7.x and Fedora 21

Currently yum repositories are not updated with packages for the latest Firefox release; we will need source method to run latest firefox on these distributions. Open your terminal and download the latest browser version tar file from Firefox official website. Download the version according to your system architecture, i.e. 32 bit or 64 bit.

In order to download Firefox 37 for 32-bit operating systems, run:


In order to download it for 64-bit operating systems, run:


Once download has been completed, untar the downloaded file by running the following command:

tar xvf firefox-37.0.tar.bz2

Now move to this new extracted directory:

cd firefox

Now we need to replace this newly downloaded firefox binary with the old one. Run following commands to accomplish this:

mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-old
ln -s firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Congratulations, your Firefox has been updated to the latest version.

Install Firefox 37 on Ubuntu

In order to install Firefox 37 on ubuntu, let’s first add the official Mozilla Repositories to package manager. Run following command to add Mozilla Firefox 37 PPA to the ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next

Since new PPA has been added, it’s time to update package manager repository, run following command on the terminal.

sudo apt-get update

Install latest Firefox by running following command on the terminal.

sudo apt-get install firefox

Firefox 3.7

Updated on Tuesday, 7 April 2015

USN-2557-1 : Firefox 37.0 vulnerability

Ubuntu security reported , "Muneaki Nishimura discovered a flaw in Mozilla's HTTP Alternative Services implementation which meant SSL certificate verification could be bypassed in some circumstances. A remote attacker could potentially exploit this to conduct a man in the middle attack."

Update your system to the  firefox 37.0.1 version package as soon as possible


Firefox is an ever evolving web browser which has huge fan following. The new Firefox version is mainly security focused.  Review Firefox official release notes to learn more about this new release. Mozilla usually releases new Firefox versions after every six weeks or so, and we can now expect the next Firefox release to arrive somewhere around mid of May. Enjoy!

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