How To Install Geary Email Client In Ubuntu

Every Ubuntu user knows that the default email client in their machine is Thunderbird, but is it the 'perfect' email client for you?

Have you guys heard about Geary or tried it? Are you in hurry to read your emails and stay in touch with your best friends?

Geary is an email client build for the Gnome desktop. It has a very simple and nice interface based on conversations which means that you don't have to click from message to message to read the full email or conversation.

This useful feature changed my mind and I thought to give this lightweight application a try. Why waiting and moving through emails when i can read them all from the main screen?

Thank god for this amazing feature available in Geary email program. Unfortunately Geary does not support multiple accounts which makes many blogger and business people not considering it at all and not giving a try,but developers have declared that this problem will be fixed in the future as Geary is still in early development.

Free, fast and practical!

Do you like to install Geary in Ubuntu and see if it does the job for you? It does not cost you nothing to try this nice email application.

Ubuntu 13.10 users can install Geary directly from the Ubuntu Software Center, or by typing the following command in their shiny terminal.

sudo apt-get install geary

What about the previous versions of Ubuntu? Ok guys, open a new terminal and run the following commands. Since geary is not available in previous version of Ubuntu we need to add its PPA repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa

It is nice to have some beautiful and helpful screenshots, isn't it? I think it is very important to show the command results to your readers and illustrate them with nice screenshots.

add PPA to sources list

Update your sources list.

sudo apt-get update

And finally, insall Geary.

sudo apt-get install geary

installing geary email client

Launch Geary from terminal.

launching geary

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