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The default installation of UBUNTU Linux does not include mp3 support. It supports the open formats such as ogg format, but by default, plugins for mp3 and other proprietary formats are not installed. However the official UBUNTU repository has the required plugins available in it. This article describes how you can install these plugins after fresh UBUNTU installation.

Plugin Installation

There are two methods of installing the plugins. First is automatic method, and the other is manual.

1.Automatically let UBUNTU search and install the required plugins

The simplest method is, just try opening an mp3 file and UBUNTU presents you with an option to try and search for any available decoder plugins. Let UBUNTU search for the packages and it will install whatever is required for files to play.

Searching For MP3 Plugins

MP3 Plugin Found

Confirm MP3 Plugin Installation

You can proceed similarly for other (video) file formats such as avi, mkv or mpeg etc.

Confirm ffmpeg plugin Installation

FFmpeg Plugin Installation

2. Manual installation of required packages

From the command line or from synaptic package manager, install the following packages:


You can search synaptic for these packages.

Synaptic gstreamer fluendo mp3

Synaptic gstreamer ffmpeg

Or you can use command line tool apt-get to install these packages.

$ sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mp3 gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg

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