How To Install rpm Packages In Ubuntu

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I am sure that every proud Ubuntu user knows about installing .deb packages via the dpkg command in the command-line, or just by double clicking them. But, what to do when the software package you want to install is only available in the rpm format? Linoxide is here to help you!

Ubuntu uses debian packages, so we will use the Alien program to convert our rpm file to a .deb format and then run the dpkg command to install it from the terminal.

Alien is a program that can be used to convert between several different package file formats such as Red Hat rpm, Debian deb, Stampede slp, Slackware tgz, and Solaris pkg. Before using the Alien program we need to install it with the following command.

rpm install ubuntu

1. Open a new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and run the following command in the terminal

sudo apt-get install alien

2. After the installation of the Alien program is finished, run the following command to convert the rpm package into a .deb package.

sudo alien package-name.rpm

3. Install the .deb package with dpkg package manager for Debian based systems.

sudo dpkg -i package-name.rpm


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