Midori 0.5.6 Web Browser Features and Installation in Ubuntu

Midori is a very fast web browser which is free and available for Linux platforms and Windows operating system. It is small, but very powerful and useful.

This lightweight web browser supports the most popular parts of the web such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Rdio. So good, I love the spotify app and is even better for me that Midori supports it. Just make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed before listening to music on Youtube or Spotify, am i clear?

Midori is not only fast and small, it is also beautiful."It is carefully crafted by skilled designers and coders, right down to the last pixel." What about user privacy?

Midori comes with built-in privacy tools that help the user to protect his/her privacy while surfing the internet. Following are some privacy tools included in Midori web browser:

  1. script disabling
  2. thrid-party cookie blocking

You can also tell the web browser to delete the browsing history after a set amount of time.

The intention of this tutorial is to show you how to upgrade Midori in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 13.04 and Ubuntu 12.04. The latest Midori browser version 0.5.6 comes with many changes and fixes for a couple of bugs.

Midori 0.5.6 switched from WAF to cmake which means alot to the developers. This switch is being motivated by the frustration from package maintainers with several aspects of WAF. cmake is doing very good and seems to win people over.

The following list includes some changes in this release of Midori 0.5.6:

  1. instead of creating devpet status icon on extension load, create it only to show new messages
  2. Open speed dial or homepage according to preference
  3. handle tab duplication
  4. Add copyright note to appdata file
  5. Tweak searching for resources when running from build folder
  6. Swap NULL-check with main frame check
  7. Use correct signal when clearing the trash
  8. Hide WEbGL preference if it is unavailable
  9. Remove stored popup sessions from the database

How to install Midori 0.5.6 in your Ubuntu machine?

Download Midori For Linux, Select Your Distribution
Open a new terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and run the following commands like shown in screenshots.

Adding PPA

Update Your Sources

Install Midori Browser With apt-get install command

Midori Browser After Installation

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