How To Monitor Network Load in Ubuntu With slurm Tool

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There are times when we need to get information and stats about our network load such as received packets, transmitted packets, current download speed etc.

In this article I will teach you how to monitor your network load with a nice tool called slurm. The slurm tool can be used to show device statistics together with a nice ascii graph. This nice tool written by Hendrik Scholz supports only three different types of graphs.

You can install slurm in Ubuntu with the following command.

sudo apt-get install slurm

Time for some fun. Run the following command to select the interface you want to monitor. The -i option is used to select the interface.

slurm -i wlan0

install slurm network load monitor tool in linux

Start slurm in large split graph mode.

slurm -i wlan0 -l

Start slurm with classic/combined graph.

slurm -i wlan0 -c

Set delay between screen updates in milliseconds with the -d option.

slurm -i wlan0 -d 13


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