How To Monitor Network Load in Ubuntu With slurm Tool

There are times when we need to get information and stats about our network load such as received packets, transmitted packets, current download speed etc.

In this article I will teach you how to monitor your network load with a nice tool called slurm. The slurm tool can be used to show device statistics together with a nice ascii graph. This nice tool written by Hendrik Scholz supports only three different types of graphs.

You can install slurm in Ubuntu with the following command.

sudo apt-get install slurm

Time for some fun. Run the following command to select the interface you want to monitor. The -i option is used to select the interface.

slurm -i wlan0

install slurm network load monitor tool in linux

Start slurm in large split graph mode.

slurm -i wlan0 -l

Start slurm with classic/combined graph.

slurm -i wlan0 -c

Set delay between screen updates in milliseconds with the -d option.

slurm -i wlan0 -d 13

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