Monitor Your Ubuntu System With Conky Tool

Hi linux geeks!

Do you like to monitor your system with a nice tool called Conky? Having plethora of information such as weather, email notifications, uptime, Ram usage, CPU usage, processes, networking and filesystems helps to stay updated with your system.

How many processes are running, which process is 'burning' the CPU? Conky is a nice tool that is used to display information about anything in your system. It has builtin objetcs for a plethora of OS stats such as:

  1. uname
  2. uptime
  3. mem usage
  4. CPU usage
  5. disk usage
  6. process stats

How to install conky in your machine? A linux geek needs only a terminal, so time to open one. Since Conky is available in the repositories of most popular distributions, it should be very easy to find and install it. Ubuntu users can install Conky with the apt-get install command.

sudo apt-get install conky

The following screenshots will give you a clear picture of the Conky tool and its installation.

install conky tool in ubuntu

installing conky tool in ubuntu

installing conky in ubuntu

monitor your system with conky

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