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Ubuntu is a widely used Linux based operating system as desktop or personal computer. It can be installed from a USB drive. But the USB drive needs to be made bootable before it can be used to install Ubuntu. There are some tools available out there. One such tool is available with Ubuntu itself, called 'usb-creator'. But this tool is not cross platform. Another useful tool 'unetbootin' is available for Linux, Windows and Macintosh (Mac OS X) as well.

Live USB Creator

If you are using Ubuntu, a built-in tool is available for creating bootable USB drives.
Press 'alt+F2' for run application window. Type 'usb-creator-gtk' and hit enter. This can also be found at System->Administration->Startup Disk Creator.

Run usb creator gtk

This will open the live USB creator window:

Startup Disk Creator

You can use either the CD-ROM or browse an iso file. If the iso file is to be used for creating the bootable drive, press the other button and browse for the iso file.
If you have multiple USB drives plugged in, chose the appropriate drive. The drive can be cleaned by clicking 'Erase Disk' button. Although it is not necessary, but it is advised to erase it before you proceed to creating the live drive.

Erase Disk

Now just click on 'Make Startup Disk' and Ubuntu will start creating the Live USB.

Installation Almost Complete

Installation Complete


Universal NETBOOT INstaller is available for both Linux and Windows (Mac OS X as well) and is not specific to Ubuntu. When you download the executable binary from the official website, make sure that the file has execute permission. Run the following commands to successfully run unetbootin.

$ ls -l unetbootin-linux-568
-rw-r--r-- 1 raghu raghu 4387948 Feb 26 2012 unetbootin-linux-568

$ chmod u+x unetbootin-linux-568

$ ls -l unetbootin-linux-568
-rwxr--r-- 1 raghu raghu 4387948 Feb 26 2012 unetbootin-linux-568

Make sure that 'p7zip-full' is installed, otherwise, an warning will appear while starting unetbootin, and it will not be able to extract the iso file.

7z warning

Start unetbootin with

$ sudo ./unetbootin-linux-568


Unetbootin has 2 options for making an USB drive bootable. The default option asks you for a distribution and its version from a drop down list. If you select this option, it will fetch the corresponding image from the official website of that distribution and accordingly make your drive bootable.

Selecting distribution

Alternatively, you can provide a disk image (iso file). Click the select image button (...) for browsing for the image file.

Select the image and click ok. Unetbootin will copy and make your USB drive bootable.

Creating bootable USB

Boot from your newly created bootable drive.

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